Remember how the “authorities” were allowing blacks and other Communist groups to run amok in major cities, like NYC, a few years ago? Well, as I said back then, it was all to legitimize the need for police and more government control. The NYPD debuted robot surveillance dogs and some other new tech.

Not only that, but they can now, legally, shoot GPS tracking darts at your vehicles.

The pilot programs were launched in Boston, Massachusetts, a few years ago. I wrote about it, here.

Some people are quite surprised by all of this and they shouldn’t be. However, these people are the bystanders who only participate in recreational outrage, such as protests, when it suits them. These people get a dopaminergic rush and a sense of self importance when they complain about the latest government violation. All the while, they accomplish nothing and while they complain about blacks destroying cities and the cops aren’t doing anything, they ignore the inherent PSYOP that is the dynamism behind the disorder. They do not understand how society works—how governments operate—local, state and federal. In addition, these retards are the same people who support police and authoritarianism. This is why they do not only find themselves unprepared when these events unfold, but also unable to do anything about it.

The cycle of policing has always been to let violent crimes bubble over in order to create a demand for police and government intervention. It is how the useless people and useless establishments of any society justify the need for their “services”. It is how the city, state and federal government justify stealing from us via taxation and legitimize their social statuses. They then tell us, “It’s for your safety and the general wellbeing of the society.” The Feminine cult of “safety” is always at play.

The same is being done with the internet, too. The recent Pentagon Leaks are so purposed to censor the internet. It and the Restrict Act, is the perfect handshake to justify internet censorship. Naturally, the Pentagon leaks offer much heat and little light, but they open the door on the online censorship discussion and that’s all it’ll ever be from the general populace—a discussion. The people who call themselves “government” and “legislators”, will do as they please and ramp up more spying on internet users and outright ban certain websites and online activities.

Remember folks, anything you see happening that the media and the average retard is going crazy about, is simply another PSYOP. As I forewarned on the January 1, 2023, this year is going to be full of PSYOPs. The objectives are merely to take away our freedoms. That conversation about “freedom” that lasted 250 years, is now over! Governments are reclaiming their continuity of dominance and control and the Techno Communist state is here to stay.