The Pandemic Treaty under the control and influence of the WHO, could enforce border closures, quarantine measures, and vaccine passports on member countries. This, coming from UK ministers.

So, you mean this shit isn’t over? *gasp*

No shit, Sherlock. It’ll never be over, as long as these fucks are alive and breathing, they will continue to use whatever scare tactics they have up their sleeves to compel the entire planet.

“The plans represent a significant shift for the organisation, from a member-led advisory body to a health authority with powers of compulsion.”

In other words, these people could decide there’s a new biological threat and shut shit down like they did 3 years ago. Guess what?! No one is going to stop them.

This is simply the nature of the game. The game has been played this way for thousands of years. You and I are merely pawns—pieces on a chess board—moved around and manipulated in order to fulfill the desires and goals of the players involved. Oh, you thought you were a player? Don’t kid yourself, pal.

When the next big thing comes around—the next plandemic, a cyber attack or climate hoax drama—pay attention to how the average person, including yourself, responds to the hoaxes. It’s going to work on the masses, again.