“The biggest enemy of femininity is feminism” is a misguided circular statement that seeks to evade the realities of female biology by suggesting “tampering”—femininity has been acted upon—femininity is an entity unto itself and feminism is a perversion of and not as a result of femininity. This statement is made by men who are afraid of female biology and its ugliness and refuse to accept that femininity has destructive elements that are inveterate to its hosts. Instead, they choose to view Marxism (Marxist Feminism) as having perverted and tainted the immaculate. Somehow, throughout human history, femininity managed to go unhampered and untainted, then comes the serpent who beguiles the female into eating the forbidden fruit. This form of reasoning is a pusillanimous type of rhetoric which inadvertently places the female as a victim. Men who are not interested in comprehending the severity of the implications of female biology and are not interested in solving the issues faced by men, retreat to these poor types of statements.

Now then, how intelligent is it to regard feminism as the biggest enemy of femininity? How responsible are pigs for the bacon industry? Without pigs there would be no bacon industry. How responsible is the feminine for feminism? Without femininity there would be no feminism. Marxism could not have been successful had it not been for its target audience. Feminism is simply female biology gone political—men have facilitated its free reign.

Without a doubt, there are those who are not only unaware of this fact, but will deny it. Men who think in this manner are the ones who seek to regain some long lost, shining artifact of the past—TRADITIONALISM, which these men (Traditional Conservative males) claim Feminism destroyed. Control of female biology—subduing of female primitivism and primalism—through traditional gender roles is essential to Traditionalism. Feminism has merely de-romanticized the female by removing the facades of piety, humility and innocence. It has allowed for the showcasing of her true nature. Feminism is unfettered female biology to which the Traditional Conservative male’s response is wiping away his tears.

Why is the Traditional Conservative (TradCon) male reluctant to swallow the red-pill? After all, the TradCon’s understanding of femininity (female biology) is quite holistic, deep and insightful, but that understanding, out of fear, breeds the dishonest and self-destructive doctrine of Gynocentrism. That moment of revelation—“What happens when a man has to come to terms with the myth of his Lakshmi?” (Lakshmi the Gorgon, 2019), compels him to keep a lid on female destructiveness. He further panders to avoid having to look the demon in the face. This doctrine serves to cushion a devastating blow to the Tradcon’s ego—the lack of female vulnerability diminishes her need of him—without female vulnerability (real or feigned), he is of no use to her.

Everything the Traditionalist stands for, femininity, through politics, has eroded and destroyed. The TradCon is the “…self-appointed pallbearer of her dysfunction and its trails of consequences.” Femininity has relinquished any true and meaningful need of the TradCon; true and meaningful by his standards—pretending that she is “sugar and spice and all things nice”, just as long as she is never required to face the scrutiny. He must lie and never point out her flaws.

The sentiment “The biggest enemy of femininity is feminism” is one of a coward. The TradCon is a coward.. A man who refuses to acknowledge and face the fact that femininity is a force for destruction and that destruction has been wrought through feminism. That feminism is simply femininity unveiled and allowed to run amok.