Racists claimed that if you defunded the police, crime would “explode.”

Now, in Minneapolis, which was ground zero for the defund the police movement, those racists are seen for the liars they are.

The decision to reduce policing in that city has only led to a 537% increase in carjackings. This is hardly “an explosion,” and is in fact just the growing pains of moving from a racist society into a society where Africans are not punished for crimes.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Over the past two months, Minneapolis police have logged more than 125 carjackings in the city, a troubling surge that authorities had largely linked to small groups of marauding teens. But an increasing number of adults have been arrested in recent weeks for the same crime.

Within a one-hour period Saturday morning, police reported three separate carjackings in southeast Minneapolis, including one where an elderly woman was struck on the head. Such attacks are up 537% this month when compared with last November.

“The numbers are staggering,” said police spokesman John Elder. “It defies all civility and any shred of common human decency.”

Police say suspects tend to approach victims on the street, sidewalk or parking lot — often while they’re distracted with routine tasks. A significant number of armed stickups have targeted seniors and unaccompanied women at their vehicles on Minneapolis’ South Side.

MPD didn’t specifically track this type of crime until Sept. 22 because they were so infrequent. Previous cases fell under the larger umbrella of robberies and auto theft. The agency created a new coding system after the summer months yielded an unusually high number of attacks.

A retroactive count by analysts determined that Minneapolis has seen at least 375 carjackings this year — including 17 last week. That overall tally is more than three times higher than 2019.

“These suspects have been known to ask for directions, then rob the victim of a purse, phone or car,” read an MPD crime alert issued last month in the Third Precinct. It advised residents to be aware of their surroundings and carry only essentials.

A city employee fell victim to south Minneapolis carjackers in September, authorities said. Police found her abandoned vehicle only after it later crashed and caught on fire.

Should citizens find themselves targeted, law enforcement advised that sometimes it’s better to hand over material goods rather than risk your own safety.

“People need to know what their abilities are,” Elder said. “A 74-year-old woman trying to duke it out with two 18-year-olds is not a great idea.”

Well, and furthermore, this is reparations.

That 74-year-old woman only had that car because of slavery. If it wasn’t for slavery, a black would own that car, and be living it up, rolling in style in Wakanda.

In fact, he wouldn’t own that car – he would own a flying car, like everyone in Wakanda drives.

So please, spare me your tears over an old white woman getting her skull smashed in during a carjacking. Africans were forced into slavery after their civilization was stolen from them by whites, who I should add were created in a laboratory by an evil scientist named Yakub.

If that old woman didn’t want to get her skull smashed in, she should have stood up against the genocide that is being committed against blacks by white cops.