Great news, everyone!

It has begun!


Vaccinations in the U.S. could begin as early as Friday, with the Food and Drug Administration set to vote on emergency-use authorization for the Pfizer Inc./BioNtech SE shot the day before, James Hildreth, a member of the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee, told NBC News.

The panel is scheduled to vote on the matter after reviewing the vaccine’s data at a meeting on Thursday.

“If the FDA Commissioner decides to issue approval, the EUA, on that day when the vote is taken, as early as Friday of next week we could see vaccinations happening across the country,” Hildreth said on NBC’s “Weekend Today.”

Someone sent me a link with some drooling moron claiming that I was promoting “conspiracy theories” when I said that this experimental vaccine contains synthetic mRNA that sends messages to cells to produce a protein.

It’s baffling to me that someone would say that, since it’s been so widely discussed. I’ve linked a lot of scientific literature about it. Maybe what I linked was too technical. Here’s an article from Cnet.

Here’s the word “mRNA” in the headline”:

(That headline isn’t theoretical or a conspiracy, you can click the above link to see it yourself.)

I’ll just go ahead and summarize that summary, once again:

In your body, the mRNA tells your cells what kind of proteins to produce. This synthetic mRNA they are planning to inject you with interferes directly with your genetic reproduction processes. The fake mRNA they inject you with will create real tRNA, which will tell your cells to produce a protein that will allegedly train your immune system to fight the coronavirus.

What that means is that your body will be artificially producing a protein that is meant to be attacked by your immune system. It’s not difficult to see how this could trigger serious autoimmune problems in large numbers of people. This is the first time scientists have attempted to reprogram the genetics of humans on a mass scale, and they’re releasing this vaccine with minimal testing.

This is not a “vaccine” in the traditional sense of exposing you to a small amount of a virus in order to train your body to produce antibodies. It is effectively a form of gene therapy.

The media and government are explaining that people are not asking questions because this is a massive experiment being performed on the public in the name of wiping out a virus with a 99.97% survival rate (with virtually all of those dying from it past the age of average life expectancy) – they are asking questions because they’ve been “disinformed.”

Of course, any time anyone disagrees with the government, there are only ever one or two causes:

  1. The person is evil, or
  2. They’ve been disinformed by someone evil

So, this is the standard line of reasoning.

But this is taking the existing concept of “the media and government are the arbiters of reality” to a whole other level.

In order to submit to having this injected into you, without being allowed to ask a single question, you have to have more faith in the government than the average saint had faith in God. Apparently, about half of the population of the West has that much faith in the government. It is mind-blowing as I’ve discussed in other articles.

It’s Clown World on steroids, frankly.