Everything you see going on in the world that is pretty much insane, dichotomous, makes no sense, unjust, irrational, illogical, bizarre, outrageous, stupid… it is all very very simple to comprehend when you look at it from this perspective: The Feminine.

I understand that what I am saying here is practically a third and possibly fourth tier level nugget of thinking and conversation, as a result of the fact that we exist in a gynotopia and scrutiny of women and femininity is rarely conducted, if allowed at all.

However, I urge you to simply think about how women behave and compare it to all of the absurdities and injustices of society and the world will begin to make a lot more sense.

Of course, one would think this requires a deep insight and intimate knowledge of female behavior, but not necessarily so. One only needs to be honest and objective in assessing and analyzing the women in his life, then he will see that what is taking place in wider society, is a reflection of his own microcosm. He has been dealing with chaos his entire life and instinctively knows that it is feminine in nature.

What you’ve just seen in the above videos is what is happening currently to Trump supporters and Whites in general; it is what happens when women dislike and disagree with your opinions and what you have to say. Furthermore, what is expressed, is the proxy violence used by women via the state and authorities. The state has adopted The Feminine and because women biologically do not possess the physical strength to curtail and suppress that which they do not like, they resort to the state which possesses a monopoly on violence, force and coercion via the police, military, politics, media, education and everything these affect. On a micro level, as is seen in the videos, the authorities are the flight attendants, pilots, the airline personnel and they all refer up the chain of command the police. On and on it goes.

Censorship is Feminine. Political Correctness is Feminine.

Women instinctively do not understand freedom. Rather, I should say, women only understand freedom as long as they are the beneficiaries. They only support that which panders to their emotions and satisfices their desires; all part of the function of prioritizing “niceness” and “being nice”, except when not being nice is of service to them as in the case of proxy violence. The ethical egoism that is inveterate to The Feminine in the purist sense, ensures they remain slaves to their desires and emotions, thus creating a perpetual cycle of seeking emotional highs (dopamine rushes) which can only come from “niceness” or “being nice” and anything that isn’t adjudged to be those two are scorned. Freedom of speech and expression cannot flourish in an environment where “niceness” is prioritized.

Prioritizing “niceness” negates logic and reason for the sake of niceness. It furthermore, excuses stupid and irrational behavior — excuses the inability to critically think — thereby neotenizing generations. It is feminine. It is stagnating.

What has occurred over the past one hundred and fifty-plus years, since the advent of first-wave feminism is, The Feminine as a bio-psycho-social concept and ideology, has been unleashed and allowed free roam in wider society. Its pervasiveness today is unprecedented in all of human existence, even though it can be argued that it has happened before and resulted in the destruction and disaster of civilizations.

The Feminine was not as prolific at the dawn of the Industrial Age so much as to suppress the rippling effects of the Age of Reason and Enlightenment that sparked it. The Masculine — Order and Competence still reigned and kept the chaos at bay. Fast forward to the twentieth century where the Women’s Temperance League influenced the Volstead Act, Sufferagettes and Women’s Lib were in full swing, then women were given the right to vote and openly participate in public life; The Feminine was unleashed onto mankind and the rest is what we have today total decadence and destruction.

Subsequently, the manosphere — men’s only spaces as was seen in the Age of Reason and Enlightenment the Elk and Moose lodges — was pushed to the online internet forums, and resides there today. However, it has not been insulated from The Feminine. The Feminine, by nature, is invasive and always seeks to usurp The Masculine. After all, men invent, build, create and innovate and women larp and parasitize. They always seek to carve out a piece for themselves, and in doing so, disrupt the entire natural ecosystem of what made the thing unique and special in the first place. This is the essence of The Female Animus – destruction — for whenever women get involved in anything that is intended to be male only — the workplace, military, politics, judicial system etc. — they must alter it to suit them; their emotions and frivolous desires. Watch what you say online or else!

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the online spaces — a place where open debate and inquiry was commonplace — becomes a case in point, where Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech social media giants have been on a crusade to censor and silence voices and opinions they do not agree with or deem to be abhorrent. Big Tech has adopted The Feminine. The Feminine has infiltrated the the online manosphere and what is referred to as the “Golden Age of the Internet”, is now gone, forever.

Women on social media constantly clutch their pearls and gasp in outrage when they encounter unpopular opinions and perspectives. They will either block, report or tag their female cohorts (the hivemind) to shame and ridicule the users who express anything contrary to their worldview and disrupt their “safe spaces”. The free marketplace of ideas is completely lost on them, because open debate is alien to femininity and inherent to the manosphere. Censorship and censureship are the tools deferred to by tyrants. Freedom and open debate are masculine. Tyranny, and totalitarianism are Feminine.

The Feminine is Chaos. It is destructive and stifling. It is DEATH.

On a microscale, the tyranny that is inherent to censorship, is seen in the popular expression, “if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all”, where “good” is subjective. It essentially means, do not say things that I do not like to hear.

On the macroscale, The Feminine is manifested when gender pronouns are disallowed, saying, “White Lives Matter” causes one to lose his or her job, criticizing BLM is labeled as racist, saying women might be complicit in their being raped and ought to be more responsible for their public decorum is considered “victim blaming” or “slut shaming”.

Having an aversion to homosexuality, transexuals and obesity violates the “niceness” principle of The Feminine and just about any form of criticism based on one’s observations about female behavior and what emerges from it, is met with shaming tactics and shaming language. Psychological guesswork is the crux of the shaming and is born out of emotionality. It relies on abject irrationality and its reactions are purposed for one thing and one thing only: to silence those who challenge its values and perpetuate its doctrines. Questioning the socially sanctioned and widely accepted sentiments within the gynotopia leads to social suicide.

President Donald J. Trump

As mentioned above, much of the manosphere was forced online due to feminine values being unleashed onto the public, leaving a trail of depravity and hostility towards men in its wake. For decades The Feminine aspired for ultimate power — to breakthrough the ultimate glass ceiling — the presidency of the United States of America and by extension the entire world.

Hillary Clinton was handpicked by the witches of Cawdor to be the head cunt in charge and she and the other cunts were to make the world a better place, one maladjusted kid at a time; or, was it kittens stuck in trees? Could have been starving children in Africa. Either way, she was supposed to have heralded and ushered in the Ultimate Cunt reign never before seen in human history.

In comes a billionaire hot shot from Queens, New York, with his Queens flair and attitude. A man’s man. A real alpha male. Take shit from no one, especially women, kinda guy! Women wanted to be with him and men aspired to be like him. Success oozed from his pores and masculinity dripped from his chin. His name was Trump. Donald J. Trump. He came to do what he always did: kick ass and chew bubble gum, and he was fresh out of bubble gum.

He royally fucked their plans up!

Trump represented the Hero archetype that is necessary in all cultures — something to aspire to become. He was and is the last bastion and representation of masculinity — White Male Masculinity — that which evolved out of the Age of Enlightenment into the First Industrial Age, the Second and the Third. Old school and won’t hesitate to put women in their place. He did exactly that when he won the election and much of the manosphere were behind his victory. This led to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump was The Masculine which sought to restore order to the chaos wrought on America and Western Civilization by The Feminine. There would be no more siphoning off tax payer money to foreign nations, no more single-mother nanny state — stealing from the rich to give to the poor — redistribution of wealth. Immigration policies were to be upheld and implemented where the shittiest people from third world dumps would not be allowed into America and righting much much more of the ills brought about by the Feminine.

Trump vowed to “Make America Great Again” by putting the Feminine back where it belonged — in a cage — under the heel of The Masculine (order).

The outrage towards Trump’s victory was one for the ages. Millions of waaahmen weeping and gnashing their teeth. The wrath of the Feminine was soon to be unleashed via Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The Feminine vengeance started with the Russian collusion hoax, then mutated into impeachment, because according to the rules of the Feminine, women can accuse a man of anything, make all sorts of false accusations and leverage wild aspersions without any proof and it will stick. That’s right. No proof or evidence are ever required, just believe. Believe women always. They tried to have him removed from office at every turn.

Who do you think led the onslaught against Trump? Women did! Yet, they weren’t alone, though. They were accompanied by Jews.

(Jews have adopted, use and abide by the Feminine. The Jewish matriarchal structure and feminine aspect of their God — the Shekinah).

We saw for past four years the wrath of the Feminine in Hillary who started the Russian collusion hoax, because she was a sore loser; it was later passed on to James Comey and the relentless shit storm of time wasting that ensued from that mess.

Then came the Four Congress Cunt Squad — Ilhan Omar, AOC, Thalib whatever, and the other monstrosity — who pursued Trump with just the same amount of vitriol and ire. Government shutdowns, time wasting and more time wasting and everyone suffered because of it all.

Ask any of them what they dislike about Trump, and you’ll never get a straight answer. It almost always amounts to him “not being nice”.

All faggots, trannies, weirdos and cunts.

Once again, people would make wild, unsubstantiated claims about Trump and all rationality would go out the window. “He’s racist.” How? Can’t explain. They are resistant to facts and reality.

The Feminine’s hatred for Trump also gave rise to the MeToo cuntbags; using the feminine tactics found within the hivemind to destroy Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Brett Kavanaugh. This man was hurled into a nightmarish barage of accusations of rape and assault, without any evidence, whatsoever. Just a lying cuntbag whore with her crocodile tears. Much like Trump’s and Weinstein’s whore accusers, everything the cunt said was believed and accepted as a fact of the universe. A man’s entire life was tarnished and destroyed and put on display for the entire world to see, as a result and the woman, the perpetual victim.

Fuck the evidence. What is that? How dare you ask for proof?! Don’t question anything or ask for evidence. What is wrong with you? Doing so is “not being nice” and invalidates her experiences. The Feminine does not care about any of that logic stuff.

The Feminine also doubles down and is not able to accept when it is wrong or admit when another person is right. A lack of humility and resistance to facts and truth are hallmarks of the Feminine wrath. We have seen it everyday for the past ten months with the corona virus hoax. Government officials and “experts” have misused emergency ethics and are moving the goal posts willy-nilly every chance they get, destroying lives in the interim, all to avoid accountability and public scrutiny. All im the name of “safety”. All for the sake of “being nice” and guess what? It is all Trump’s fault.

That brings me to another destructive and disgusting element of the Femimine: everyone and everything else is always to blame, especially men. Especially Trump as mentioned before, and remember: they do no wrong. We see this currently with Nancy Pelosi and the disgusting display of hypocrisy she has expressed towards the patriots who “stormed” the Capitol buiding. She denounced their actions as an act of sedition, yet praised the Hong Kong rioters who did the same and much worse, as fighters for democracy. The actions of the patriots weren’t because politicians like Pelosi, and other mommy-cunts have locked us all down and destroyed our abilities to earn a living, stole an election and insult us by taking our hard earned taxes and sent it off to foreign countries like Pakistan for “gender studies”. No! It is all Trump’s fault.

Oooooh! The big bad evil Trump. He is all the things she says he is, because she said so. No evidence, proof or further explanation needed. She spake it into facthood!

Oh, the Feminine tactic of Transference. Accuse the other party of doing exactly what you are doing and make sure it sticks and takes hold as the official narrative because you made the accusation first. This is common among the politcal left and Jews, because they have both adopted the Feminine. Nothing ever makes sense, because nothing ever has to make sense to a woman or to The Feminine. It is never about processing information.

Our future is bleak as a nation; as a civilization we are doomed and as a species we are already over the precipice, flapping our arms in hopes of staying afloat. We are bound to plunge into the deep if the Feminine is allowed to continue its free reign. Yes, the Feminine can be and is often adopted by men, too, and has unfortunately become an institution of our society as a result of this aberration. It is best suited in the roles such as child rearing and education, even though, if left up to its own devices, it can surely fuck those up, too, as it evidently has in the cases of single-mother parented homes and the education system. Without the rigidity and influence of The Masculine, The Feminine is a repugnant cesspool of depravity and filth which will only leave a desolate wasteland to all in its wake.