Well, Vladimir Putin is out there saying this and it’s true. Obviously.

Everyone who is paying attention understands it’s true.

But what is he going to do about it?


Foreign powers are trying to weaponise frustration over falling living standards due to to the Covid-19 pandemic to stir up protests in support of jailed Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, President Vladimir Putin has said.

With almost every major country in recession, people all over the world have been growing increasingly weary and frustrated with the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on living standards, and Russia is no exception, Putin said in an extensive interview with Russian media published on Sunday.

He added that it’s only normal to pin the blame on the authorities for all the woes the population might face in times of crisis such as the current one, but Moscow’s opponents “try to exploit” this sentiment to spite the Russian government.

“That’s what they did! Of course they would. That’s what they had counted on,” Putin said.

The Russian leader argued that “ambitious, power-hungry” people like Navalny are being cultivated and used by foreign powers to undermine and contain Russia. “We have had a lot of success, and it annoys them. That’s where the containment policy, including in the economy, comes from.”

Supporters of Navalny, whose group investigating corruption has sought funding from foreign states, held large rallies on January 23 and 31, demanding his release from prison. The gatherings, which were banned under Covid-19 prevention regulations, led to clashes with police. Thousands of people were detained, and some are now being prosecuted for breaking health protocols, and attending unauthorized protests.

He is going to have to BAN WESTERN SOCIAL MEDIA.

This is the truth, it is the ultimate truth: the only country without these riots is China, and that is because it is the only country without Western social media.

There is no timeline in which you can allow Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and not have a revolution in your country.

That’s the fact.

I don’t know why no one is listening to me.