This is a prototype. But Jeez, man. Wow.

Western countries are in the process of developing a system of internal passports – just like the one that they told you was evil in the Soviet Union.

The difference is, that they’re doing it for your own good.

It is so good, it is mandatory and requires force!

But, you might ask, didn’t the Soviet Union tell the people that the internal passports were for their own good?

The answer of course is yes, they did tell people that, but they were lying because they were evil. The Western system is pure good, as evidenced by the fact that it encourages children to do man-on-man anal.


Like many countries around the world, Denmark is desperate to reopen the parts of its economy frozen by the pandemic.

The kingdom of under six million people has become one of the most efficient vaccination distributors in Europe and aims to have offered its whole population a jab by June.

But before that target is reached, there’s pressure for life to get back to normal for Danes already inoculated and to open up borders for Covid-immune travelers from overseas.

Morten Bødskov, Denmark’s acting finance minister, last week raised the prospect of a so-called coronavirus passport being introduced by the end of the month.

“Denmark is still hard hit by the corona pandemic,” he said. “But there are parts of Danish society that need to move forward, and a business community that needs to be able to travel.”

The government has since indicated that a February deadline might be ambitious, but the relatively small Scandinavian country could still become the world’s first to formally embrace the technology to open its borders in this controversial way.

This is how everything has worked so far: some small country does something, and then everyone points to that small country and says “they did this thing – we should all do this thing!”

That is how it is going to go with these vaccine passports.

IMB is also working on a “digital health pass.”

This will be an app on your phone that shows you’ve been vaccinated – and also gives you alerts when it’s time to come get your “booster.” This will likely become the standard, rather than the physical passport, in the long run, because they want everyone in a digital database, and they want to be able to call you in for more shots whenever they feel like it.

By this time next year, every Western country will be introducing some type of “vaccine passport.”

My advice remains the same: we don’t know what this vaccine is, it is an experimental technology that uses synthetic mRNA to instruct your cells. It is the same technology that is going to be used to change people’s DNA.

I think it is something that people should not allow to be injected into their bodies.

Incidentally, since we’re playing “find the Jəw”, let’s find the Jəws behind all of this shall we?

The CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna, respectively, are Jəws and are proud of their obeisance to Israel. Vaccines come from the Jəws.

Furthermore, the Rothschilds patented the COVID-19 tests in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

The claim has been fact checked several times over and if you’re still not satisfied about the Jəwry involved in this plandemic virus hoax, furnish your knowledge even more, here and here, pertaining to the upcoming mandatory “System and Method For Using, Processing, and Displaying Biometric Data” and the patent for a system that analyses biometric data to determine whether the user is suffering from COVID-19.

Also, if you’re still denying that the Jĕws are behind “The Great Reset”, just stop. The shit is getting retarded and you’re becoming more and more annoying the more you stick your heads in the sand.