There is very little mention anymore of the attempted assassination of federal judge, Esther Salas at her New Jersey home back in July of 2020.

Supposedly, the gunman was a 72 year old lawyer named Roy Den Hollander, who “authorities” say, was an anti-feminist.

Roy Hollander and his then-wife Alina Shipilina

Authorities are trying to link Hollander to having a vendetta against female judges.

It is reported that a gunman came to the door of judge Salas’ home wearing a FedEx uniform, carrying a package addressed to the Salas’. Judge Salas’s 20 year old son answered the door and was shot and killed. The shooter then shot and wounded his father. By the time Salas reached to the door, the gunman had taken off.

Why is this important? Because a week before the attempted assassination, judge Salas had been assigned to the Deutsche Bank case. Deutsche Bank was being sued for failing to properly monitor account activity of Mossad assest JEFFERY EPSTEIN, while he sex-trafficked children to blackmail powerful people on Israel’s behalf.

You’ll never find this in any mainstream articles or reporting on the assassination attempt; not one that I’ve read has ever brought up the Deutsche Bank case, since; let alone the Epstein connection. Yarmulkes were going to roll, so it was shut down.

The MSM and the judge herself have been careful to frame this as an angry man with a vendetta against powerful women, and we won’t hear alleged assassin Roy Den Hollander’s side of the story, as he was found dead of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound” in Rockland NY a few days later. He was “suicided”.

No one knows if it was an attempted hit or not, but we do know that there was a connection to one of the largest stories of 2020 and the MSM completely ignored it.