“Dem niggas out der be sayin dat dem niggas be has da burd flu, muthafucka”

Currently, we’re hearing constantly about “new strains” of the coronavirus. The reader is obviously aware that I predicted that.

Another thing that I said was that they might also bring in some entirely separate other form of the flu.

BNO News:

Seven people at a poultry farm in southern Russia have been infected with H5N8 bird flu, officials say, making it the first time that the highly pathogenic virus has been found in humans. There is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

“Today, I want to inform you about an important scientific discovery made by scientists at the Vector scientific center,” Anna Popova, the head of Russia’s consumer health watchdog, said on Saturday. “The first cases of human infection with [avian influenza A(H5N8)] have been laboratory confirmed.”

The virus was found in seven employees at a poultry farm in southern Russia, where outbreaks of H5N8 were reported in the bird population in December 2020. Popova described the human cases as “mild,” according to the Interfax news agency.

“The virus can be transmitted from birds to humans, it has overcome the interspecies barrier,” Popova said. “As of today, this variant of the influenza virus is not being transmitted from person to person. Only time will tell how quickly future mutations will allow it to overcome this barrier.”

I didn’t predict this in the way of a prophecy. Nothing I’ve ever predicted has been in the way of a prophecy. I’m simply listening to what these people are saying.

Bill Gates has said that the coronavirus is “the first of many pandemics.” He would obviously know, given that he is the central figure in this hoax.

There is no reason at all to doubt Gates when he says things like this.

So when I say “this is going to happen,” I am making a very informed prediction.

I don’t know if the bird flu will blow up and become the next big talking point or not.

I do know:

  • The “pandemic” state is never going to end
  • The “pandemic” measures will progressively merge with global warming measures
  • Things are going to keep getting weirder, generally, as people become accustomed to having less and less freedom

The details are yet to be seen, but the details don’t really matter. This is all going towards a one world global Communist government system, where a tiny elite, served by a manager class which makes up maybe 3-5% of the global population, rules over a mass of peasants.

That has already been decided, and now it is just a matter of making it happen.

People will believe anything.