As expected and as predicted, right here on the Specular Effect, the site where you come to get unfiltered facts, truth and reality, Israel — The Jews — are behind the entire corona virus hoax.

Gather around ye goyim, and brace yourselves for the Shun Goku Satsu of truth and revelation!

(Please watch from timestamp 2:22).

As you can see, “the light unto the nations” — Israel’s prime Minister, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is asked by dumb, dreadful goyim cunt to, “show us what we must do, oh chosen one.”

Yes, this is what Trump’s favorite news network, Fox, does with their softball exclusive pieces with Netanyahu. Total supplication and obeisance to Jews. “Please show us the way?!”

That aside, Bibi says, “we are setting the model for the world”. Well, we here know that Jews love to jab and get jabbed. It is part of their Jewish child sacrifice rituals that has gotten them kicked out of many, many nations in history. It is why they always cry, “oy vey! That is a blood libel!”

Bibi also has put out a propaganda video where he is addressing the “conspiracy theories” surrounding the vaccines.

Here he is on the World Economic Forum panel talking about vaccinations.

The WEF has been promoting Jews as the leaders in tech, cyber security and startups. The WEF also works with the ADL (Anti Defamation League) a Jewish owned and run gatekeeping and censorship group.

The Great Reset |”The Fourth Industrial Revolution” agenda, is playing right into Israel’s and Jewish hands as predicted. They will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

As for the “green pass”, it is an incentive based construct designed to grant consent to people who are fed up with the lockdowns.

“Are you tired of being locked down, but you haven’t been vaccinated yet? Well, with the new green pass, your stupid goyim ass will be allowed to breathe fresh air again as long as you’ve been vaccinated, of course.”

This is going to be our reality soon. Israel — the Jews — are the leaders in this insanity and are pushing to be the example of how other nations are going to “get back to normal”. We know there is no getting back to normal. It is going to be the “New Normal”.

It will be necessary to go to gyms, theaters, grocery stores and just about everywhere. There will be facial recognition, thumb readers and everything all the “conspiracy theorists” said would occur, years ago!

This is a global push, too, because the UK and Europe have their versions of the green pass, rolling out.

European Commission president said on Monday the planned “Digital Green Pass” would provide proof of inoculation, test results of those not yet jabbed, and information on the holder’s recovery if they had previously had the disease.
“The Digital Green Pass should facilitate Europeans’ lives,” von der Leyen wrote in a tweet on Monday. “The aim is to gradually enable them to move safely in the European Union or abroad — for work or tourism.”

Of course, none of this was received with much fan fare. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has condemned the European Union plan to introduce vaccine passports.

“The introduction of the vaccine passport in the EU would call into question the principle of voluntary vaccination” he declared on Tuesday after the announcement made by the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, on a legislative proposal to introduce a Digital Green Pass.

So, there’s a race to be the first to roll out these crazy measures and they are so calling it “the green pass”. It is being rolled out nation to nation.

If Israel is first, as they are evidently showing to be, it would allow them to shame other nations by saying they are the leader in people getting the jabs.

Now, the question that should come to us intelligent folks here is, are they really getting vaccinated? Because, in NYC, the religious Jews are protesting heavily against the vaccinations. Orthodox Jews are very much against it, so it is kind of difficult to believe that Israel is actually leading the world in getting vaccinated. Nonetheless, they say they are, yet not in the way we think, I bet. They could be receiving placebo, saline or sugar shots. This is all possible.

Important thing to understand, too, is that there are so many different vaccine manufacturers in this entire cash grab. It is like a literal oil rush. A manufactured virus hoax that incentivizes vaccine manufacturers to ramp up research (well no research was quite done. Had there been, they’d know a vaccine isn’t necessary for a corona virus) and production for a vaccine. They all stand to make trillions of dollars from this bullshit lie, yet no one knows which one is the safest at this point.

Even the Jewish CEO of Pfizer refused to take the vaccine. He claimed he didn’t want to cut in line.

Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t want to cut in line to get an untested doom vaccine that is killing several people. He only owns the company that makes the vaccine, I’m sure he can spare one for himself. This lying, deceitful Jew was refused entry into his native country of Israel, because he wasn’t vaccinated.

Again, he owns the company. It wouldn’t be him cutting the line.

“Covid 19 vaccine will set you free” is what they’re going for, because they aren’t able to make vaccines outright mandatory, even though they are doing so inadvertently. Yet, isn’t it interesting that (((they))) would emerge as the saviors of the world, from covid? It is bizarro, clown world matrix shit. It is their religious doctrine — their “tikkun olam” prophecy.

This is Jewish mysticism, which is geared towards eliminating Amalek (nonbelievers and rejecters of Jewish Supremacy) in the “end times”.

In addition, this “heal the world” prophecy that Jews are trying to fulfill, has seen the monies coming in to invest in these Israeli startups to combat the holocough covid 19 hoax, tripling at least six times in the last couple of years. This means they were expecting this and have directly engineered and manufactured the virus hoax, hence them making this major push to become the world’s leaders in combating the nonexistent virus, emerging as saviors of the world. The amount of money being dumped in does not correlate to the problem that they say exists.

What’s funnier about this quest to dole out salvation to the world is that Bibi admits in that Fox interview that they are not going to vaccinate the Palestinians. This is mind-fucking! But, “vaccine so good”. No, “vaccine so good that you Palestinians no get none, so you stay lockdown!”

None of this should come as a surprise to us, though. Jews have been preparing us for this throughout their movies and TV shows. Through predictive programing they have Jewed our minds.

Now, what about Bill Gates’ role in all of this? Well, he and Microsoft have a live map tracker — a contact tracing app and vaccine dashboard — designed to inform authorities as to its vaccinated and who isn’t.

This is the same Shabbos goy/crypto Jew with connections to Epstein. This is a huge factor in all of this. Sometimes I think he may be just a bogie man put in place by the Jews, but his bogie man money is very real. So, it is difficult to tell his real role, but rest assured that Jews are behind him.

His father, William Gates Snr., also worked for the Rockefeller foundation (Jewish financiers) as a eugenicist.

In his book, ‘Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time’, Andreas Moritz, documented the very real eugenics connection between the Rockefeller Foundation (and family) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (and family). In it, He writes this about them:

“While launching the initiative called the Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines, Bill Gates had said in 2000, “It seems like every new corner we turn, the Rockefellers are already there. And in some cases, they have been there for a long, long time.”

So, Bill Gates is a second generation, psychopathic, oligarchal eugenicist. He is totally kosher and part of a very small club of a couple thousand people who are predominantly Jewish. He doesn’t have to be of that bloodline to be a part of the problem that Jews pose to the world.

I’ve gone on long enough about this and will continue in another article very soon.

There is a lot to cover with regards to this virus hoax and how Jews are behind it.

You guys enjoy and I hope you find this article informative and useful.