They’re going to make it so in college if a woman accuses you of anything, you’re guilty.

That is the new standard. A woman’s word is equal to physical proof of a crime.

If you’re in college, just save your allowance and go to a hooker before going with one of the “free” ones on campus (they’re not actually free, you have to give them your time and possibly a lot more).

The reason Donald Trump changed the rules was because there were non-stop rape hoaxes, and guys like the victim of Mattress Girl were getting railroaded.

New York Times:

President Biden on Monday directed the Education Department to conduct an expansive review of all policies on sex and gender discrimination and violence in schools, effectively beginning his promised effort to dismantle Trump-era rules on sexual misconduct that afforded greater protections to students accused of assault.

With two executive orders — one ordering the new education secretary to review those policies, and the other establishing a gender-focused White House policy council — Mr. Biden, an author of the Violence Against Women Act, waded into an area that has been important to him but has been politically charged for more than a decade.

The Obama administration issued guidance to schools, colleges and universities that critics in and out of academia said leaned too heavily toward accusers and offered scant protections or due process for students and faculty accused of sexual harassment, assault or other misconduct. The Trump administration swept those aside and delivered the first-ever regulations on sexual misconduct, which many saw as swinging too far the other way, offering the accused too much power through guaranteed courtlike tribunals and cross-examination of accusers.

Believe all women laws are all going to go back to Harvey Weinstein.

That was a situation where it was proved in court that one of the women was his girlfriend, that he’d had sex with her “consensually” before the alleged rape and for years after the alleged rape, but she said that a decade ago, in the middle of their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, he raped her. He raped her without force. The only evidence was her word, and he was convicted.

I wrote a lot about this because people were arguing with me about it.

That is the standard they are working to put in everywhere. They want men to be presumed guilty of anything they’re accused of.

Remember, these are the values and standards of The Feminine. Women are utterly disgusting and stupid creatures who are incapable of fathoming and comprehending justice, freedom (they believe freedom is rebellion) and due process, yet we have mangina faggots like Joe Biden who co-opt and cosign the insanity of femininity. The standards of the gynotopia are all about insanity, stupidity, perverseness, dichotomy and chaos, because women are dangerous, dumb, duplicitous cunts.

According to this standard, Mattress Girl’s victim would have been convicted. He was cleared when he showed texts of her begging him for more sex and talking about how much she enjoyed it (the evidence was that she accused him of the rape because she was mad he wasn’t following up with her). Harvey Weinstein had that same thing, and it didn’t save him.

If you’re in a university, don’t only not have sex with them, don’t ever be alone with a woman. In my view, you shouldn’t even make eye contact with them, or respond to them when they speak to you.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, because we’re locked in coronavirus forever, but it is a rule as a man — as a boy — you ought to incorporate into your personal constitution.

To my female readers; those of you with sons, pay very close attention, because their lives are at stake. I know that you’re a woman and you can’t help but be solipsistic and selfish, but I am attempting to appeal to whatever semblance of humanity that may actually exist inside of you. Think about your sons, because their lives are at risk.