It was Donald Trump’s brilliant idea to send the military out as vaxx squads for the goyim.

They’re already making it perfectly clear that this isn’t over and there is a whole other program coming in – this fall.

Yet, Americans are always in denial. Even people on the right are in denial.

They can’t see the doom train coming right for them.

New York Times:

The number of new coronavirus cases is increasing in every state, setting off a growing sense of concern from health officials who are warning that the pandemic in the United States is far from over, even though the national outlook is far better than during previous upticks.

The 160 million people across the country who are fully vaccinated are largely protected from the virus, including the highly contagious delta variant, scientists say. In the Upper Midwest, the Northeast and on the West Coast — including in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco — coronavirus infections remain relatively low.

But the picture is different in pockets of the country where residents are vaccinated at lower rates. Hot spots have emerged in recent weeks in parts of Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada, among other states, leaving hospital workers strained as they care for an influx of coronavirus patients. Less than a month after reports of new cases nationally bottomed out at around 11,000 a day, virus cases overall are increasing again, with about 26,000 new cases a day, and hospitalizations are on the rise.

The country is at an inflection point, and experts said it was uncertain what would come next. While nationwide cases and hospitalization numbers remain relatively low, more local hot spots are appearing and the national trends are moving in the wrong direction. Many of the oldest, most vulnerable Americans are already inoculated, but the vaccine campaign has sputtered in recent weeks.

“This will definitely be a surge,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. “It won’t be as big as what happened in January. But we still have 100 million people in the United States who are susceptible to COVID-19.”

Intensive care beds in hospitals have become scarce in parts of Missouri, where officials in Springfield on Wednesday asked for an alternative care site. In Mississippi, where cases are up 70% over the past two weeks, health officials have urged older adults to avoid large indoor gatherings even if they have been vaccinated. And in Los Angeles County, officials said Thursday that masks would once again be required indoors, regardless of vaccination status, because of the spread of the delta variant.

“The cases going up” is a result of all of the problems from the vaccine. The vaxx is killing people and they have to explain that in some way, so they just say it is the virus, but they then have to create a certain number of fake cases and fake deaths among the unvaxxed to level the numbers out.

Honestly, I don’t think the authorities understood just how deadly the vaxx would be, but it fits into their whole scheme. Their plan is to start massively advertising the number of people dying from the vaxx and claim it is from new variants, then say that the unvaxxed are creating the new variants.

Have you seen they already released the beta male variant?

I thought the original one was the beta male variant.

Only a beta male trusts the government to this extent.

That really is the bottom line: men have surrendered their masculinity to the feminist project, and now take on female traits, while developing female type endocrine systems.

You all see how fat and feminine all of these government-trusters are.

Just try to imagine trying to explain to your grandfather that Richard Spencer is a heterosexual.