It is being rumored that the protestors in NSW, Australia are going to be tried and charged with high treason.

To my knowledge, high treason is punishable by death in some countries. Is Australia one of those states?

Treason is defined in section 80.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) which makes it an offence to cause the death of, or harm to, the Sovereign, the heir apparent, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister. It also encompasses levying war against the Commonwealth of Australia and assisting an enemy at war with Australia.

There have only ever been a handful of prosecutions for this crime and in order for a prosecution to succeed, it must be instigated by the commonwealth attorney general. So, in formal terms, it is not possible for an individual to individually bring another party before the system, unless that person is the Commonwealth Attorney General.

Obviously, this means it is impossible to accuse the government itself of treason or all government employees of treason, because the government would be prosecuting itself.

How nice.

Yet, people still believe governements are good.

Now for the “I told you so”.

I told you guys that this was going to turn out to be another January 6th, “Storming the Capitol”-like event.

The reason it turned out to be like that is because women are involved!

I told you guys, that as long as women are involved, the protests are going to be duds. They are just another social call and opportunities for women to be the dumb cunts that they are, screaming “woo” and “woo hoo” as if they’re at a music concert.

I told you Australians, that the only way this is going to work out in your favor is for The Masculine to lead the charge.

I told you Australians that protests and demonstrations are feminine, faggot shit and taking your phones out there to make a social media appearance, is dumb asinine shit women do.

Now EVERYONE who was there will be caught, because they took their cell phones with them, posted pics and videos on social media and cell phone towers pinged their exact locations with time stamps.

Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

Following women and adoption of the Feminine is literally the same as Adam eating the forbidden fruit, after Eve.

All of you will learn the hard way!

You already are.

Australian men, I am speaking to you and only you. You are in two fights — one against the governement and one against the women in your lives. You are being punched by two persons, but you think you’re being punched by one, only.

These “protests” are just emotional fillers for women to get an emotional high, because, “so many people turned out that day”. “Oh my God! We are really one and in this together”.

The fact that so many people showed up, reflects some kind of success, in the minds of women. To their dullard minds, this is some kind of triumph. I know how the female mind works, but I don’t get to much into the intricacies and I assure you, it is all fucking dumb.

Shake it off. Shake it off! Don’t let female nonsense within a mile of you if you are to see yourselves through this.

Remember, the Australian federal government is already planning to de-anonymize the internet to facilitate a social credit system to combat “online abuse” — police will have access to individual’s social media accounts, which will be linked to people’s passports. So, go ahead thinking allowing women on the internet was a good thing and it’ll not come back to bite you in the ass. Go ahead thinking that allowing women in your male circles and endeavors is a great idea!

This cunt exposes herself.

There is good news, though. Good news will only come as a result of The Masculine taking action.

An Australian lawyer has just delivered 70 affidavits from police whistleblowers after protests this weekend. Police are asking for more police to join them. If the police side with the people against the tyrannical lockdowns and great reset agenda in Australia, this could be huge.

If this doesn’t work, you guys know what to do! Get the rope!

You better do something, because while you sit on your hands doing nothing and being cucked by Australian front-holes, they are making moves against ALL OF YOU!

It is coming down the pike! They are coming for you. They are coming for you!

Stop telegraphing your thoughts and plans on social media. Just get off of it! Get off! Speak only in person, with people around, because it is about to get very ugly.