Vaccine passport check before customers enter a restaurant in Corsica.

So the um.

The uh.

All of these countries uh.

They all decided at the same time that uh.

That the um.

They all have independent health authorities that all came to the same conclusion: you have to completely lock people in a permanent technological prison grid in order to stop the uh.

The um.

The deadly coronavirus.

It is so obvious that vaccine passports are logical that everyone reached the exact same conclusion, at the same time.

This is the uh.

It’s democracy at work, folks.

The Guardian:

An increasing number of European governments are planning to prevent unvaccinated people from being able to attend hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants this summer, as Emmanuel Macron celebrates the fruits of the recent announcement of the policy in France.

A range of policies are being tried out across Europe as governments seek to push reluctant people into receiving jabs. In Sweden, a study being carried out by the University of Lund will examine whether the offer of a redeemable voucher worth £17 can convince people to take the plunge. In the Netherlands, batches of Hollandse nieuwe, or new-season Dutch herring, are being distributed to vaccination centres as an incentive.

See, it’s not all the same plan, as if from a central world government authority that is dictating policy to all nations.

It’s not like that at all.

Swedes are giving people a coupon, and Norwegians are giving people a fish.

Staff from vaccination center posing with herring in The Hague.

Every independent nation is just figuring this stuff out on the fly.

They’re coming to the same conclusion of a permanent global technological prison grid because it’s so obvious and logical as a way to stop the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

But by the far the most impressive results following a government intervention on vaccine uptake are being enjoyed in France, where record numbers have been administered in the two weeks since Macron announced his intention to legislate to limit access to hospitality to benefit those who are fully vaccinated, in possession of a negative PCR test or able to prove that they have recovered from infection.

An estimated 161,000 people had protested over the weekend as parliamentarians in Paris sought to find a compromise agreement on the so-called health pass. But it was passed at 12.45am on Monday after 60 hours of debate and a last-minute deal between the national assembly and the senate.

They had a debate.

They’re just solving problems on the fly, because that’s how democracy goes.

It might look like central planning from a central global authority, such as the one that exists at the World Economic Forum, but that is entirely coincidental.

The new pass will be required to attend restaurants, bars, museums, cinemas and large public gatherings from August, but not shopping malls, after the government was pressured into dropping that aspect of the legislation. Local prefects will instead have the powers to impose the rule on large shopping centres if they feel it is necessary.

As I’ve explained here in this article, none this means shit.

On Monday, Ireland allowed hospitality venues to reopen their indoor facilities to those customers holding the EU’s digital certificate that proves their vaccine status or a record from the country’s Health Service Executive.

People protesting vaccine passports in Dublin. Being a sissy has gone global.

From 6 August, a similar “green pass” will be required in Italy to access hospitality businesses, public swimming pools, gyms and sports halls, sports events, concerts, fairs and cultural venues such as museums, cinemas, and theatres.

There is no national policy in Spain but the region of Galicia is mandating a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test for indoor access to hotels and restaurants. In Belgium access to outdoor events with more than 1,500 people will be limited from 13 August to those carrying a vaccine certificate.

Boris Johnson has said he intends to limit access to nightclubs in England from September to those who can prove that they are fully vaccinated.

In Germany, politicians are in the thick of a debate over how and whether pressure to get jabbed should be increased on people who have yet to be vaccinated.

People queuing to get BEAST MARKED in Germany.

At the weekend Helge Braun, the chief of staff of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, suggested those not vaccinated should not be directly penalised but that people who were should have distinct advantages.

He told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper unvaccinated people should be obliged to reduce their contacts, and that for them “visits to restaurants, cinemas and stadiums” should be restricted because of the high risk.

Meanwhile, Markus Söder, the leader of Bavaria, suggested increasing pressure on unvaccinated people by obliging them to pay for tests to prove their Covid status, which are currently free.

You see, the thing is, this is like the competition between horses and cars.

Everyone in every country decided to go with cars. Just so, every country is logically deducing that the solution to the coronavirus is a permanent techno prison grid.

It’s just simple common sense, that’s all.

NHS coronavirus tracing app.

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