The Omicron variant is now the dominant coronavirus strain in South Africa, less than two weeks after it was first detected in the country.
By contrast, it took the Delta variant a few months to become the dominant strain in South Africa in early 2021.

Not my problem.

It shouldn’t be yours, either, because it is all a hoax. This is intended to have you and I running crazy like chickens with our heads cut off. Boilerplate nonsense.

The truth is we are living in a multifaceted psyop. Running psyops on the citizenry used to be illegal, but all that changed, thanks to Obama.

This does not mean that psyops weren’t conducted on us, before 2014. It simply means it became legal to do so.

As always, these psyops are conducted in Israel, first, then done on us, here in the west and in other nations.

We must never forget that the elves are behind this scamdemic hoax virus.

The lying Jesuit and purveyor of reality in all of the universe, Anthony “fugazi” Fauci, says we need to wear 6 million masks and prepare to get 109 jabs, in preparation for the “5th wave”.

Look, folks. Things are not going to get any better. The elves are going to keep pumping out hoax after hoax and we can expect our lives to be restricted even more.

Expect the “first case” to arrive any moment, then we will see lockdowns, restrictions and draconian measures on an unimaginable scale.

The elves and their paid off minions have already concocted stories and back up stories to hide their agendas. Take Fauci for instance — he is here to successfully mete out the predictive programming psyop on the general population.

Pure Bloods are in for a world of hurt, because according to Fauci, “they don’t trust the science!” and all of these Omicron eventuations could have been avoided, had they just taken their jabs.

Despite the fact that the “experts” themselves are reporting that the Omicron is weak and virtually harmless (because it doesn’t exist), Fauci, Boris “Boar’s head” Johnson and the elven lamestream media are pushing the entire planet to “boost the boosters”; get the jab anyway.

The new fearstorm is upon us. I saw signs of it way earlier in the year and the year before and now it has arrived. I just want everyone to understand how these things operate. How the Communist takeover is unfolding.

There’s already a calling for a need for countries to act in unison and not work as separate nation-states in regards to covid outbreaks and responses. A “global action plan”.

Moderna conveniently says that it will have a Omicron vaccine available by early 2022! for a strain that’s been known for a few days!

If you think any of this is organic and not planned — not staged — then you’re blithering idiot and beyond help.