Look at this video, folks.

Yes, they are uncivilized animals that do not belong in western societies. This is a fact all over the world, but there seems to be absolutely no critical thinking among us whites.

First, I would be extremely cautious about following them. These MAGAtarded Boomers believe they are so morally superior and that they own the establishments they patronize. In addition, we must not forget that these chain stores were okay with these savages robbing and looting their sites to support BLM. Yet, whites continue their virtue signaling. When it really matters, we won’t do shit about anything. We are content with punching down and never go after the fucktards responsible—government and the )ews that control it.

Then there are those among us who rely on the police to solve these issues, which is mindboggling to me. The police, via the mandates of the politicians that control them, stood down and allowed these animals to run wild. In addition, they removed all manners of consequences, if not made them moot, for this kind of behavior. Clearly, as proven for the past 2 years and possibly longer, police are now useless, if they were ever at all useful. They are not preventative, or curative, but only punitive and most of the times, they end up screwing it up, giving us and our communities a bad name. Yet, for most, the only things that kept criminal blacks in line, to a certain degree, were policing and punitive policies, such as not allowing them to steal up to $950 with little to no consequences. We ought to think about all of this critically and start looking at the root of the problem.

Personally, I lay blame on the altered policies that embolden this type of behavior. While it may incline us to argue that blacks rarely care about consequences for their actions and misdeeds, whether because of incompatibility with western civilization, lower IQ and so on, we cannot deny that consequences were a deterrent. Why else has all crime by criminal blacks in Democrat-run cities recently gone through the roof? Punitive measures and consequences do not change their DNA, but they keep them in check somewhat. These policies—these deterrents—with crime, are never 100% effective and they do not need to be. If they are 43% effective, or 79%, that’s a win! Even with 2% efficacy, implement it. The recent changes in policies towards the criminal behavior of blacks—motivating the behavior—has seen this country decline exponentially. Naturally, the left makes the same arguments regarding Socio-Economic Status (SES); that were policies made to ease poverty within the black community to have a 2% efficacy, they ought to be implemented. However, employment has proven the best way out of poverty, not socialist ideals. Once again, were we to think critically about what has transpired in this nation and throughout the world the last 2 years, we easily see that government policies and interventionism have led to the rise of much social unrest.

Now, the following comment made on the above video has led me to write this article. It shows the lack of critical thinking that is rampant among white society. It reads:

This will only stop when they routinely get fired upon by “Vigilantes”. I could care less what happens to California, but these leftist WHITE LEFTUGEES are moving to red states and fucking them up like California. STAY IN YOUR STATE YOU VOTED FOR! AND FIX IT! LEAVE OUR “FLY OVER” STATES ALONE. We were sooooo much better off with out you here. You only bring misery and carpetbag our resources.

My response to this comment was, “Are you saying that their lives are worth less than property—inanimate objects?”

He responded with:

I’m saying if you think it will work, go up to them and politely ask them to stop. See what happens? I’d say it was 100% hateful; at least that’s how I intended it. Too much advice out there where people with white skin should just stand by and watch a systematic destruction of the entire country. Watch people get victimized and just shrug their shoulders. No thanks.

To which I responded with, “Again, do you think their lives are worth less than inanimate objects?” He goes on to rant and his longwinded response reads:

I think only Jews place VALUE on “things”. I don’t understand why you would change the conversation, unless you like what you see here? This is about crime and no one doing anything. By your logic, Biden sends FREE baby formula to the border, and most stores are out for paying Americans who need it desperately? Who and what value would you place on those goods? Do those border babies need it more so you choose to starve American babies? Do you value border babies or American babies more, and what VALUE are you placing on your choice? No one is forcing people to rob, steal, kill, rape, etc. They chose this, and more over, they chose for everyone else in the area. I choose to have safe stores, safe streets, and order. That’s where my value is.

Admittedly, this left me scratching my head. “Change the conversation”? I merely asked a question, based on his initial comment, which implies that they ought to be shot and killed for stealing. Stated: “This will only stop when they routinely get fired upon by “Vigilantes”.” Still, does he think their lives are worth less than “things”, objects, property, inanimate objects? He is yet to answer. It should be clear that he is the one who is “changing the conversation”. Everything else he mentions, while I understand it, is mere fluff. I haven’t offered any opinion that would warrant him saying, “by your logic”. I only asked a question. This is the meltdown I have noticed in many exchanges that I often refer to in my articles when critiquing our people. There is clearly a breakdown in his ability to reason.

We need to think critically about things and not be hasty to act. This, among a few other things, mentioned in previous articles on the Buffalo Shooting psyop, is what led to the actions of the retard yesterday. This is the type of cerebral insufficient that is easily wound up by FEDs to commit these atrocities.

We need to stop! Desist! Think about the consequences of our actions. If we cannot do so, we do not differ from the criminal blacks we eschew.