The government sends in Feds to do “drills” which kill people, so they can make more gun laws. It is that simple. If it think your government is incapable of such, you need to grow the fuck up.

Sometimes they just need to kill some kids. It’s all for the greater good.

Isn’t funny how mass shootings never have footage released, yet a nigger gets shot by cops in a park and by noon, the next day we have unredacted body cam footage from 4 cops, their squad car videos, 911 calls, radio chatter, and 6 surveillance videos from nearby businesses.

Meanwhile, about 24 cops across 3 departments entered the 32 floor during the Vegas shooting, and the only bodycam footage ever released, showed only a cop standing facing a wall while a door was breached.

In Uvalde, it is being reported that there were a few cops who tried to stop the killer and they were shot by “their own”. This is absolutely a cover-up of some dark shit.

Cops would never do such a thing.


Every single person in complinace with commiting acts of violence, coehrsion or predition of innocent fellow citizens of their own nation should be hanged for treason.

The “hoax” is that the shooting was perpetrated by a “lone wolf” and not federal agents.
The unelected federal government is a criminal cartel.
It only cares about money and power, and following the orders of its masters.
Feds have ZERO qualms about murdering innocent men, women, and children.
Feds are immoral, order-following golems.
They are sub-human animals.