Banks across the world continue to fail and struggle to to stay alive. Yet, the Jewish media audaciously urges the average retard to “buy the dip”.

For the second week in a row, ALL banks are now sliding down to the final stage, readying for Central Bank consumption. What’s more is that the propaganda has fever pitched. On one side, the media says “everything is great” and on the other, it says, “things aren’t looking so good, folks”.

So, what’s really going on? Well, all you need to know is that WE are targets in an information war—lies, propaganda and psyops. The consistent contradictory and conflicting reports being pushed in the media is intended to dissuade and exhaust those who are seeking the truth.

For instance, in our search for the truth about what’s going on, were we to consider a few scenarios, such as, are the banks really failing, or is this another PSYOP to cause us panic? Or, have the banks truly gone under and it was only a matter of time before they did. Maybe, the banks “collapsed”, because of diversity hiring and mismanagement—a push and observance of feminine values—gambling with deposits in speculative startups and other enterprises? Was it designed and intended to fail? Is it all planned—a controlled demolition? What are we not looking at?

We aren’t looking at all of the above.

This is exactly how any PSYOP works. The Communists have, for a very long time, found an effective way of controlling the narratives of any and all occurrences. As a matter of fact, they set these course of actions in motion and whatever eventuates, they will use to further their agendas.

The way things are going, hyperinflation is soon to devalue the currency and debts assumed by the big banks, then all of it will be wiped clean. The point is to make commerce nightmarish in order to force a total system shift to CBDCs. Soon, everyone will be able to turn their physical cash into CBDC credits. Cash will be worth nothing due to inflation, so people will have no other choice, but to convert USD into CBDC.

Despite there being an appearance of a pushback against CBDCs, I assure you that it is all theater. Politicians lie! Only a moron would believe what a politician says or even follow one.

Their only interests are doing what keeps them in power—what makes them money. They know how to read and take the temperature of the room, and after doing so, they then augment their positions and messages—whatever keeps them popular and in power.

I can’t believe I have to still explain this in 2023, but there are some people who are saying, “No. They are not going for CBDCs. Look at how many politicians are against it.” Oh, you poor ignorant saps.

Today, it seems like Deutsche bank is on the chopping block. We’ll have to be patient and see what occurs.

As mentioned earlier, more banks are taking severe hits, but keep your heads on. This is all going as planned.

Remember this pattern: in March of 2020, the covid hoax lockdowns were implemented. In
March of 2021, the mystery juice campaigns took off. In March of 2022, the Ukraine war hoax was initiated. Now, in March of 2023, the banks and the global financial system begin to “collapse”.

There seems to be a prevailing pattern here. Based on this pattern, it wouldn’t be outlandish to conclude that this banking thing will be major. It is the next problem-reaction-solution operation to introduce CBDCs. The real goal is to then foment a UBI system where an allowance is given to every individual in exchange for total dominance by the Communists in power—signing away your rights. (Worth repeating).

This is definitely a PSYOP, right now, but when people begin to worry it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.