Democracy. What is it? What does it mean? It is derived from the Greek word dēmokratia where dēmos means “the people” and kratia “power, rule”. None of us need to imagine nor think too hard about what America being ruled by “the people” will look like. For those requiring a visual aid, simply turn on the news or read your local newspapers — rampant violence, political instability, “peaceful protests” which result in buildings on fire and shootings. Ironically, when faced with these realities, the average American often invokes democracy and the popular rhetoric and sentiments about it with religious ferver as though the very word embodies salvation or eternal life — as if they are somehow denied democracy and possessing it will fix all of the social ills we are currently experiencing. However, many and far more intelligent and knowledgeable than the average American have come and gone; giving us their brilliant insights and deliberations on democracy, yet, none have sung its praises as the average American does. Perhaps this is because Americans neither know nor do they understand what democracy is?

This surely isn’t it, but you’ll see how and why these particular morons in the video below could get there.

Democracy sounds good to most because many of us have been fed the narrative of it being only about suffrage and overcoming oppression.


Essentially, there are two potential flaws to democracy. One flaw is the fallacy and fantasy that voting is magic and the ethno-politics which ensues from this fantasy — varying racial and ethnic groups seek to create policies to suit their interests. Voting or engaging in the democratic process is about “getting things” or seizing the apparatus of power.

In America, seldom is any thought given towards the fact that if voting booths were to be placed in a country that is 90% Nazi or communist/socialist (the latter two is the case we are in right now and most third world nations), you’ll elect Nazi’s or communists/socialists. In other words, for democracy to work, it’s efficacy is contingent on a largely moral and homogeneous populace. Conversely, what the West has now — disparate tribal groups seeking to vote themselves unearned funds from the public coffers — is inevitable under a democratic system which lacks homogeneity. For countries such as America, theft and corruption have become quite common because democracy cannot flourish nor succeed under the banner of multiculturalism.
The second flaw of democracy is that it can only — thus far as history has shown — successfully exist in conjunction with capitalism.


When looked at from a general point of view democracy is good, but only within the framework of an open economic model. As it currently stands in America and other third world nations for that matter, democracy is not good for it is paired with either crony-capitalism or socialism which spell economic suffocation and the inability of the general populace to prosper and produce wealth for themselves.

Capitalism makes provisions for the poor and it goes without saying that the combination of democracy and capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system. Just as no western democratic capitalist countries ever had to build a wall to keep their people in, so too would any person who is down on his or her financial luck in a capitalist country, ever flee to a communist country to make his or her fortune.

Moreover, when democracy is in concert with other economic systems such as socialism and communism as history has shown, it reveals that they only pretend to make provisions for the poor and use democracy as a tool in the procurement of such provisions. Being failed economic models as was seen in countless examples around the world, socialism and communism never deliver on their promises.


Succinctly put, there has never been a greater system of wealth creation than that of the democracy/capitalism combination which, like voltage and amperage, are technically two different things, but impossible to separate in the real world. Socialism and its cousin Communism, are economic models that are far better at spinning lies. Socialism, communism, democratic-socialism and the ever-present group-victim identity politics are all failed constructs and democracy without capitalism is too.


Like socialism and communism, democracy has proven to possess fallacious characteristics as a political system as well, in specific ways and aspects. The surprising default underlying economic assumption of democracy is socialism and worse, communism. Confused? I’ll explain.

Democracy uninhibited will inevitably lead to these, for it assumes that all resources are communally owned and thus can be voted on. As Alexis de Tocqueville puts it:


“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”


It is widely believed that Benjamin Franklin said this with regards to democracy:

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

Essentially, democracy is Archie, Ray and John each having a bottle of booze. They decide on the votes; 2-1, majority rules and that all the booze belongs to everyone. They then decide through voting 2-1, that the first bottle they drink together should be John’s. Then they vote 2-1, that everyone drinks only John’s booze.

Another more sinister example would be, one owning a home or a farm where no one ought to be able to vote to take their houses and farms away, but one has to cede to the will of the majority. Such is the case in South Africa where the African South African segment of the population seeks to legitimize the theft of White South African farmlands. Through democracy — the democratic process — African South Africans can exact force and coercion in order to cease the homes and farmlands of White South African citizens and physical violence is never too far behind.

A further illustration of the nefarious nature of democracy can be seen through taxation. If one earns his or her own money, no one should be able to increase taxes on their incomes or take another’s monies away. The fact that taxation or the taking away of one’s money can be done, assumes the position that one’s money is communally owned and the state is simply permitting them to hold onto it. You are one person against “majority rule” or, democracy.

Is it any wonder why personalities like Bernie Sanders and other politicians and

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political factions of American society are militantly “democratic”? It is because “one person, one vote” gives worthless people (those who only take from the till and never put in) a level of influence they could not achieve by honest means. It is agreed upon theft which invokes a feeling of divine pursuit when the word “democracy” is repeated constantly by those who seek to steal and distribute the wealth of others.


Politicians and would-be political voices like Alexandria Ocassio Cortez, and by extension the average Leftarded Democrat, would not care much for democracy if it didn’t have the power of theft. They would of course, disagree that it is theft, as their model and definition of democracy is “moral” and all about “giving the people a say”. In other words, they know absolutely nothing about democracy as much as they know nothing about anything. They are merely automatons regurgitating and parroting popular rhetoric, catch phrases and buzz words; they simply have not devoted their lives to thinking and studying the problems inherent to democracy. Democracy is quite in tandem with socialism and communism for it ultimately assumes either economic models by default as ways of dealing with resource allocation. These economic models and institutions are constructs of thievery — the only way the delusion of democracy has truly worked in America.