“Oh, but if I may only touch the hem of her garment”.

This woman is refreshing! Oh, yes! She’s delightful. A treasure. We need more women like her and like my girl friend over here.

I swear, this is me everyday. I want to talk to people like this every-fucking-day, but I hold myself back, because I understand that majority of people are fucking retards, and like she correctly said, “the moronacy” is on a rampage out here!

I love it! “MORONACY”.

The amount of stupidity going on with people in this country and around the world over this hoax virus has forced this beautiful woman to challenge the English lexicon. I feel her pain and anguish. I’ll come up with my own word, too. The “moronticity”. There. I feel so much better now.

So, what exactly is she talking about when she says the virus has not been confirmed? She’s referring to Koch’s Postulate. The covid 19 hoax virus was never isolated in any animals, or on “dead” surfaces. Neither was a dead form of the virus inserted into any hosts to confirm that the virus exists. Neither was a virus sample replicated.

As for PCR tests, I wrote a brief article a while back, sharing the information given by the inventor of the PCR test, Khary Mullis, who was very clear about its sensitivity and unreliability. He was also very skeptical about Fauci, who he tried to warn us about.

Anthony Fauci is the worst part of the “scientific” establishment, for he is a scientific, academic bureaucrat. As Kissinger once said, “if you want to learn to be a politician, go thrive in academia”. He has been through many presidents and holds the corner on virology and the hoax that HIV causes AIDS.


That was one of his first PR, virus hoax campaigns that he did. His predecessor and partner in crime — Robert Gallo — was brought up on scientific misconduct charges when he stole the viral data from the French scientists and research team in 1984, and created a bogus HIV test. This was on the front page of the NYT. (Stupid NYT paywalls).

Fauci eventually came to his rescue, by moving Gallo to the background and him taking the foreground. He then started promoting the discourse of HIV (an infection) to being the cause of a non-infectious disease called AIDS, which is “Acquired Imuno-Deficiency Syndrome”, where one’s CD4-T-cell count goes below a certain level. They attributed that to a virus which created a multi-billion dollar AIDS industry. It resurrected a drug (AZT) which never worked, but only made patients more sick and killed thousands; it was off the market then brought back as an off-label use drug.

Renowned scientist and molecular biologist, Peter Duesberg exposed this hoax.

All this is to say that the people who lied to us and bankrolled a previous hoax virus are doing it again — bankrolling anther hoax virus — Covid 19.

The woman in the first video above is right about the human body and how many viruses we have in and on our bodies — 380 trillion!

The mythos that has been created, is this fear mongering that viruses and germs are going to kill us!

We have this thing — an operating system in our bodies called the immune system. It is one of the most oldest operating systems that has gone through vertebrates and invertebrates to create you.

We would not exist if we didn’t have an immune system, and if that immune system had not gone through rigorous changes throughout thousands and thousands of years (whether or not you believe in the evolutionary process or even if you believe in intelligent design).

Human beings would not freaking exist if we didn’t have this amazing operating system called the immune system! It has gone through various revisions to make it possible for us to be the human beings we now are.

That immune system — the way it interacts with the outer world — is to the live in coexistence with it. When a pathogen attacks you and hurts you, it is not the pathogen that’s destroying you. Everyone needs to get the science here: the science that is assumed by the fake news media and that is promoted, unfortunately by MDs who are not well trained at all. They don’t learn this in medical school. They learn, maybe the innate and the adaptive; they don’t learn about the microbiome; they don’t learn the following: were you to ask a typical MD, “what does a virus do to you? How does it work with ebola?” They will respond with something like, “well the virus enters and it destroys your heart tissue and you start bleeding from inside out. Or, the virus attacks your epithelial and you’ll start getting edema.”

But that’s not what happens. What happens is:

Virus comes in, and your innate system which is all the things in your skin, your eyes, throat; they first interact with the virus — your macrophages, neutrophils; now, if your body is relatively strong, you may experience a sniffle here and there. This is why in a family of maybe five or ten people, the wife may get a cold, yet others don’t. Which means susceptibility is based on the condition of the immune system.

(In 1962, we had a very nascent understanding of the immune system. It was the following: you had 2 boxes. One box was called innate immune system; which was everything I described above — the early stage infrantry — the Marines — when you get hit with a virus, the immune system tries to take it out by shooting everywhere. The secondary part of that system was called adaptive immune system, which means it was very specific, like Navy Seals sharpshooters. For a particular virus, it would create what is called antibody, using the T cells and the B cells. That was the basic understanding of the immune system, and part of this understanding included: in order to mimic immunity, we are going to put a vaccine in you, which would act as a pale shadow of the actual virus — like the measles virus. By killing the virus and forcing your body to create antibodies, to affect immunity. The problem that emerged from this was the vaccines weren’t working when they just gave the deadened formed the virus. The body wasn’t creating that inflammatory response needed, so they started adding other things; a little bit of aluminium, sometimes some mercury and perhaps other stuff to create the effects they sought, which was for the body to create the antibodies and the inflammatory responses to the virus).

So, if you’re in that condition, based on the status of your innate immune system, you may battle it differently. You may get a cough, or not, some sniffling, sneezing or a combination of them all; possibly a fever, then it’s gone.

Now, if that system doesn’t work, we also have what is called the interferon system, which is another amazing system that unregulates many varying types of cytokines. They further protect our bodies.

However, we first have the gut microbiome, which I won’t get into here, but I mention it, as I have with the innate immune system and the interferon system, to illustrate to you that the body is equipped with everything it needs to fight against all kinds of viral infections. (Provided that the viral infection is real).

So, there is the connection of our gut to our brain — the neural system — but in between all of this is a very powerful system called the interferon system. The interferon system was also discovered around the 1950s; a lot of work by the Japanese showed it to be a missing link that interconnects a lot of these systems. When you get a virus your body actually turns on another set of chemicals called cytokines as previously mentioned. These cytokines’ main functions are to interfere with the virus’ replication processes. (You come into contact with a virus, and a virus wants to use your body’s cell machinery to replicate itself). The goal and function of the interferon system is to stop viral replication. The interferon system does this by creating a cytokine storm which is the body’s last stand against the virus, after having the other systems described above being compromised. (immuno-modulation).

In the case of a coronavirus, let’s say I sneezed on you, that virus goes through your respiratory channels — goes down your nose and into your lungs — and it comes into one your alveoli. The alveoli is surrounded by epithelial cells and tissue of that alveoli are macrophages and mucus (innate immune system). When that virus lands, in the best case, your macrophages attacks that virus and blows it up. Kaboom! It is stopped, maybe consumed and taken out. Check your stool.

If that doesn’t occur, the virus will then attempt to replicate itself, and that replication process, if it succeeds, will harm you. However, in the case of stopping that replication, the macrophages attack first, then the body produces the interferon system response — it recruits T cells and all of the other things people aren’t aware of. Hence many people are “asymptomatic” (healthy sick people). What helps to support all this is simply a healthy, working immune system. That’s the discussion EVERYONE in the Jëwish mainstream media is avoiding!

They don’t care about public health. They do not care about you. They do not care about us!

So, the lady is once again right when she says that it’s only unhealthy fucktards who are getting sick and “dying” (it is difficult to determine who is dying from the hoax virus, because there has been a political and economic interest in branding every and anyone who dies as having died of Covid 19).

The WHO created two codes (which they charge for)(very interesting health and business model they have going on) for covid 19 (maybe three): Having Covid 19 through a test — a PCR Test (polymerase chain reaction test), which means they are looking for piece of a nucleotide in your body which is then magnified and matched to one of thousands of coronaviruses that there are (coronaviruses are the most common viruses and we all have pieces of them). In addition, they aren’t looking for the entire sequence of the specific Covid 19 coronavirus. It’s any coronavirus.

(Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test and Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, mentioned earlier (with links), who also supported Duesberg (also referenced earlier), warned that the PCR test is qualitative, not quantitative. This means it is a guesstimate that is made when the test is done).

That’s one code the WHO has. The other is: “Well, it sorta looks like SARS-COV”. So, when people go to the hospital, they are being branded under those two codes. No joke!

As a matter of fact, my brother and sister are doctors, and they were made privy to directives sent to hospital administrators, incentivizing the administrators to conflate one or the other codes. So, there is absolutely no way to know what the numerator is/was.

Then you have many, many, many more scientists and doctors; specialists in their fields, coming forward and speaking out against the damn hoax. There is currently a Former Pfizer CEO who DESTROYS The Covid LIE The PCR Test Is ‘Monstrously Unsuitable’

So, I’m truly happy and grateful for this woman for making this video. She’s a damn hero and worthy of us singing her praises and championing her bravery and outspokenness.

I’m sick of these morons — these fucking retards out there with their triple masks and their fucking lies about how many people they know who “got it” and “died from it or of it”. They know nothing! and pretend; bragging about being vaxxed as if it is a badge of honor. No! It means you’re a ‘tard! A fucking cerebral insufficient retard.

They are primitive minded jackasses who subscribe to the old religious models of “guilt and shame”, despite there being many professionals warning about the vaccines.

We all know at least one of these morons. Here’s Five Questions To Ask Your Friends Who Plan To Get The Kill Shot.

If that won’t work, show them this.

If they still insist, then let them fucking die. There would be one less idiot in the world.