Joe Rogan has said that he’s not against the vaccine, but that obviously, young and healthy people who are at no risk from the virus shouldn’t risk taking the deadly vaccine.

Anthony Fauci strongly disagrees. He won’t allow healthy young people to skip the vaccine, because he’s fundamentally opposed to the idea that people eventually die.

People who refuse to get the vaccine hate society. They are killing others by not getting the vaccine because… well, because of science.

Lord Fauci is also saying that all children will get vaccinated eventually, because when it comes to preventing death, he won’t take any risks.

You might not be able to stay forever young, but you can live forever – as long as you don’t get the coronavirus.

Fauci, lord of this realm and all realms beyond, is completely submerged in a deep trance of maternal instincts and only concerned about preventing sickness from happening anywhere.

Death is just not going to happen under Fauci’s watch, as long as people do everything he says.

He’s been blessed with the ability to understand the will of science, and if we just stop opposing him, he’s going to use his power to take care of us all.