The common theme appearing on social media these days seems to be that mass shootings are a result of people feeling jaded and perturbed by the current political climate. In addition, capitalism is somehow to blame, too.

Were anyone to suggest that people are going on random shooting sprees and killing innocent people, because the governement has allowed for the transfer of wealth from the common folk, to Big Tech corporations, they’d be totally wrong. I would wager that it is the government that is behind all this insanity, but not in that way. I’ll explain.

People are so complacent and have been placated for a very long time, in this country. They don’t have the zeal, angst nor capabilities to pull off these kinds of atrocities. It will always be a fringe element, but never random and rogue and not due to some growing, impending epidemic born out of frustration, as some would like you to believe. This notion is silly and just the wishful thinking of people who get off on anticipating a major fall out and social collapse.

I know, because I’ve been one of those people, but I can recognize the impracticality behind certain things, enough to call it out as bullshit and impractical. I want there to be a fallout, but behind that desire, is the desire to see the general populace become so fed up, that it lashes out. However, lash out at whom? Random innocent people? Or, people responsible for whatever it is they’re lashing out for? People on social media are suggesting that it is the former they are lashing out against. This makes no sense!

The sad truth is, most folks have already succumbed to the tyranny that is enveloping and the bystander effect has taken root within the American zeitgeist, decades ago! No one is going to do anything about anything. Not even pull off some major atrocity against their fellow man. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is sad, but the truth.

Most people still believe that voting is an answer and inadvertently see it as a catharsis. They see relying on government interventionism to be the only thing that will save them from tyranny; that there is no tradeoff of liberty for security in doing so. This belief is fomented by the very same government they rely on.

Here’s how it works: the government (local or federal) creates a reason for the general populace to need and rely on them. The government will use their local authorities and alphabet agencies — FBI, CIA, DOD, DOJ etc., — to create pandemonium — usually a mass shooting, terrorist threat/attack. They will allow rampant crime to escalate, too, as seen in major cities like New York City. They then wait for the people to cry out to them to intervene and save them — to pass laws and policies to combat the “threat”. All the while they (the government) is responsible for it all.

It is government creating the need for government. It is exactly what mafias do. Protection rackets, for protection money. It is how wars are started, how foreign governments are uprooted and civil unrest created. Then the people who fall for these scams go out and vote for their favorite politicians who are behind it all and talk a good game.

Yet, why would governments need to do this? Why would they need to create a need for them to exist. Simple! Because there is no real reason for governments to exist.

So many of you are reading that last sentence and thinking to yourself that I’m an idiot for saying this; you want to ask me: “How can you say government isn’t needed? How can you say there is no real reason for governments to exist?”

Well, first off, I have not been given a reason for why it is needed. Many who find me saying that governments are not needed, to be silly, need to make the case for why they are needed.

Them asking me this question, would be equivalent to them asking me to prove why God does not exist. The burden of proof would be on them to prove that God does.

Nonetheless, I have been offered a few reasons for why we need government. The most common ones are, “muh security”; there would be chaos and violence. Yet, there’s government now and there’s still chaos and violence. Incessantly! So, they’ll have to try harder. People who say that governments are needed to maintain order, are truly dull in mind. To maintain order, huh? Really? How well have they been doing? Not well at all!

Just look at 2020, with all the riots, looting and shootings. What did the government do?

Just look at what’s going on today alone.

Were he allowed to shoot their asses… were he allowed to not service these animals…

The bottom line is, having a government doesn’t mitigate any of these things.

Then there’s the “muh roads” or infrastructure, idiots. Just visit any heavily regulated major city, like New York City, or Los Angeles; take a look at their infrastructure. This reason is usually given by people who are not used to doing things for themselves and are forever relying on handouts in life.

The point to take away here is, all of this is enough to drive some insane and the governements know this. This is why the government placates us and bombard us with mind-numbing social media, television shows, sports and celebrity entertainment, resulting in the complacency and wanton bystander effect infiltrating the American zeitgeist.

At the same time, they set up patsies and fall guys to further their agendas — to take away our rights and freedoms — without retaliation or incident from the populace.

If it is a shooting involving niggers, well we know how that goes, but generally speaking, these events are not random. Neither are they carried out by the regular Joe Shmoe. It is all well organized and orchestrated. Designed to implement total government takeover.

The most recent government scam was the Covid 19 hoax. EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT ON THE PLANET used this covid hoax to bring in more state-socialism, Universal Basic Income, etc. They want the economy to be more centrally planned; the government in collusion with the big corporations, seek to bereave the citizenry of their independence. They want to monopolize food sources, so we have no option but to eat their synthetic junk. They want to make us all dependant on the state for our daily bread, so we can’t rebel against their plans.

There are no good governments. ALL governements are evil.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face… forever. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one: Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.” — George Orwell