Are you guys ready for another, “I told you so”? Well, I’ll abbreviate the expression this time — ITYS.

Look at what’s going on in France. It is exactly the same feminine bullshit hysteria and theatrics as was seen in Australia, this past weekend.

As I’ve mentioned before, all of these “efforts” will only surmount to January 6th “Storming of The Capitol” in Washington DC, which led to many being doxxed, traced and arrested.

It was planned and orchestrated by the FEDS and other alphabet intelligence agencies. This is no different, I assure you.

You do all this shit, yet nothing is accomplished. Quite frankly, if a politician is able to make a speech after all of this; denouncing and condemning your actions, you’ve accomplished nothing!

As long as you allow women among your ranks and in your cause and efforts, you are going to get dumb, retarded, futile shit.

What you’ve just seen, is no different to a stupid cunt who needs to change her pad, getting angry and breaking all the dinner plates in the kitchen.

The men who are with these cunts are just as feminized and retarded. This is why I stay away from people. It is why I am a misanhrope, as I have mentioned here in this article. I will say it again: I am this way, because people are stupid and come with unnecessary drama. This is because most people — most of society has been feminized and poisoned by female values.

These “protests” in France, as we have seen with Australia, will amount to nothing more than the French goverment clamping down more on French civil liberties. It will be exactly like it was in the US. It is nothing more than an Intelligence agency honeypot psyop — an IQ test, essentially — that all these morons are failing.

These feminized idiots see an opportunity to make a social media appearance, all to say, “look at what we did…herp derp derp”.

Social media is dumb feminized bullshit!

When are you men ever going to fucking learn?