Mic drop.

Nothing’s left, but sunshine and a cool mountain breeze.

So much of my youth was defined by this moronic war. I’m sure many of you readers can say the same. So many people I went to school with were wrecked by it.

It’s really a monumental event in my life to have it finally over.

It’s been going on since I was 16.

It’s over now, and the order of nature has reemerged with flawless grace.

Tonight, we raise a glass to the cave-dwelling savages who beat the Jews.

It’s funny that ZOG has surrendered and it’s funny to think about a bunch of Tajiki skanks and whores getting gang-raped, but ultimately, this situation doesn’t mean anything and it obviously foreshadows something bad for America, or else The Other Biden wouldn’t have ordered the surrender.

At this point, as I’ve said, the most likely thing – probably the only possible explanation – is that the Democrats decided that it was no longer worth the resources to occupy Afghanistan. That almost certainly means that they’re going to start some other war – Russia or China. Yet, it might mean they’re just planning on invading America. The war is on you and me. We vaxxers will be labeled “terrorists”.

I guess I need to say that clearly and definitively: no matter how funny the US Empire losing to the Taliban might be, it doesn’t matter. It will only matter when the communists here will use whatever goes on over there, to smear us over here.

As far as whether or not the Taliban is literally just going to roll over Kabul, frankly, I have no idea. I’m not a military strategist, nor have I studied in detail just what kind of structures the US is leaving in place in Kabul, but just from a common sense perspective, if the Taliban controls the entire country outside of Kabul, with more or less 100% support of the population, it doesn’t really seem feasible that Kabul could stand for very long.

I mean, just as a practical matter, even if you have an extreme fortress, you still have to ship in food and engage in commerce and the Taliban now controls the skies, with hijacked Blackhawks!

Oh man, stealing Blackhawks is so funny my sides are going to pop.

“Do you know how to drive this thing, Muhammed?”

“I can drive anything, Muhammed.”

“Move over, I show you.”


These people running the US government – the Democrats – are morons. They are not masterminds. There is no way, under any circumstances, that they would want the Taliban stealing their Blackhawks. There are not really any possible optics worse than that, short of the Taliban hijacking an aircraft carrier.

So, without having studied the military logistics of the situation at all, if they’re letting shit like Blackhawk hijackings happen, there’s probably a good chance that they think they can defend Kabul when actually they have no chance of doing so.

It could end with some kind of Mogadishu situation.

The Taliban is ordering their dudes not to fire, and they really seem to follow orders (they move like a real military, man). So, it’s unlikely there will be any shooting from their side (assuming the US is willing to just flee totally, which doesn’t seem to be the stated plan right now), but there are bound to be more funny videos.

Although the thing itself doesn’t really mean anything in the scheme of things, it is certainly good if this is as humiliating as possible for the ZOG regime.

It’s not just a meme.

The Taliban is on /pol/, participating in thot patrol.

The day of reckoning has come to ALL whores.

These dudes are legit redpilled.

The Taliban is the only party that can beat the Dems in 2024.