You see this creature and think “well, I can sure as shootin’ understand why folks would want to put a muzzle on it – the damn thing looks rabid!”

But it turns out anti-vaxxers are chilled out, and these vaxxers are hoaxing their own selves!

The bitch did a Smollett!


She’s saying it’s all a big mix-up (because obviously it’s a federal crime to report a fake crime you did against yourself to federal authorities).

CNN is backing her up, printing her gibberish.

Obviously, the feds aren’t going to charge her, so this data release is probably the last one you’ll ever get.

But what a bold bitch.

I hope you guys are getting the picture — how dangerous and destructive The Feminine — Femininity/Women are.

We can all say this is of course, standard procedure amongst vaxxers — their entire operation is a gigantic hoax machine — but, go a little deeper and you will see it is very much Feminine in nature.