I keep telling you people: the FBI is a literal terrorist organization, working for a foreign occupation regime in Washington.

Apparently, none of you are going to realize that this isn’t hyperbole until they kick in your door and hold your kids at gunpoint.

Daily Mail:

If they had, there would be 10,000 hours of footage of it.

So, if they’re saying they didn’t, then they almost certainly didn’t.

Even if they did, why not call the guy and ask him to report to the local field office?

If he didn’t show up, then send two agents out to remind him.

Then, in the absolute worst case scenario, ask the sheriff to go get him.

Instead, they do an Osama bin Laden style assault on his family home???

Sending in 40 agents with loaded rifles is pure and absolute terrorism. No one can make any argument against that.

This is not normal. This has never happened before.

It is happening, because they now place everyone who voted for Donald Trump in the same category as a foreign terrorist!

Everything is a secret!

The FBI are secret police!

They have as much power as the NKVD had in 1917!

They can do secret raids based on secret charges – and they can haul you off to secret prisons!

This is happening NOW!

The brutal reign of terror has already begun.

The hammer is coming down.

This is what we’ve been waiting for and it is happening now.

First they’ll raid the people associated with 1/6, then they’ll just start raiding everyone else, particularly Anti-vaxxers, then people who criticize the election fraud and the current fake presidency.

If you don’t understand what is happening here, you need to figure it out quickly.


It is only a matter of time until they are kicking in your door.

What’s more, these people are acting directly in concert with Antifa, which is a known paramilitary arm of the FBI. They’re just doing this out in public!

Here’s Antifa all the way back in January-February putting together a file for the FBI raid.

Go look at those frothing at the mouth Antifa animals, then realize that they are who the FBI is going to install to rule over you. They are Mussolini’s and Stalin’s Blackshirts; Hitler’s Brownshirts, Lenin’s NKVD and Mao’s Red Guard (Hong Weibing).

Understand me: there is no law. America collapsed on January 6th.

There is nothing standing between you and the Beast, other than whatever distance you yourself are able to put between you and the Beast.

They are coming.