Pay attention to the first 5 minutes of this video.

This is why I NEVER listen to women. Their larp is always out of fear mongering out of the “concern” “for the children” if not for themselves. Like we didn’t have good enough reasons before, to resist this insanity that’s going on all around the planet, but now, yes, now that it’s going to affect children (women tried the narcissism of “it” affecting women and for the first time, no one gave a fuck), we should REALLY act.

Not that we shouldn’t, but I’m trying to show you guys how narcissistic women truly are — they believe themselves to be the cure and answer to all the world’s ills and that they are divine, mystical oracles, bearing an important message that must get through — that involving women in ANYTHING convolutes and blurs the lines and subsequently, that thing gets destroyed.

As I’ve said before, the same Feminine hysteria that is behind the covid hoax (grandma’s going to die, wear the mask, get the jab, abuse of emergency ethics) is the same Feminine hysteria that is behind the resistance to the very same Feminine insanity.

I told you guys, it is women who dominate both sides of this covid narrative. This is absolutely nothing good. It is the worst thing that can actually happen, but it was inevitable. Masculinity slumbers and unfortunately, women are the catalysts for social change. These changes are never good!

The women on both sides of the spectrum are always the the old, washed up, Q-Anonsense, lonely cat lady looking types, who are probably into rubbing rune stones, and dowsing. They probably have dropa stones as household ornaments. You know the types. Those New Age movement nut jobs with their homeopathic, psychic bullshit.

Just look at this woman!

She looks like a fucking psycho, with her beaded neck accessories and shawl. The type that are into sex pastries and delicacies. The ones that just don’t know when to fucking quit!

She says, “I’m extremely worried about the children”. Well of course she is; she’s a woman. Worrying is what women do, in addition to wanting to mommy everything.

Their “worrying” is what stirs up the emotions of other women and retarded mangina men, leading to stupid and regrettable actions and policies.

She says we should not send our kids to school, not because it’s a government brainwashing camp, but because “5G bad”.

Please see this article on the Truth about 5G.


These same cunts refuse to parent their kids in the first place, by putting them in the care of strangers, because they are lazy, useless, cunts.

They make all these suggestions as if they know anything and can process information and consequences; as if they are ever responsible enough to own and deal with the consequences of their actions.

These women do not comprehend that life is about tradeoffs and substitutions and that you cannot have it all; that taking their kids out of school means that they will have to actually make a fucking effort to raise their kids, which means they cannot be infesting public life and the workplace with their bullshit. It means they will have to get back in their places — their cages — where they belong.

They aren’t and never have been of the sort to comprehend the proximal or distal causation of anything, far less consequences, and mangina, faggot ass men, believing and thinking that they were capable of such, is what has us all in this mess.

Stop listening to women.

Just stop.