Someone recently came at me with, “you’re wrong; there is a real coronavirus because people are sick at the hospital.”

So, it’s that time again. The time that happens every month or so when I meticulously explain that there is no evidence of a new virus, let alone a “pandemic.”

I might use hyperbolic language sometimes, but I have always said that “coronavirus” could be some new strain of the flu, but there are new strains of the flu every year.

Every year, people die of the flu. Tens of thousands of people in America die of the flu every year. In 2018, according to the CDC, 80,000 people died from the flu.

During the 2018 flu season, “hospitals were overwhelmed” without sending home huge portions of the staff and firing people for refusing the vaccine. “Flu hospitals overwhelmed” is another round you can play with the dated Google search game, which I will give full instructions on in due time.

That means that people were in the hospital, dying of a respiratory virus, on those dates that you can see below those news articles. Just like the videos you see on CNN of people in flu wards – which have been renamed “covid wards,” because all respiratory infections are now “covid-19” – sick and dying from the “covid.” In those above years, there were nurses rushing around, families crying as loved ones died, because deadly respiratory infections existed before 2020.

The only difference would be that more people now would be on deadly ventilators, because the CDC changed their standards for putting someone on a respirator when they changed the name of “the flu” to “covid-19.” They presumably did this so more people would die. Although I can’t prove that, I can’t think of any other reason. Everyone who died from ventilator-related pneumonia, or any of the other complications caused by a ventilator, was recorded as a “covid-19 death.”

Note that hospitals were paid by the federal government for:

Diagnosing a person with covid-19

Putting a person diagnosed with covid-19 on a ventilator

Writing “covid-19” on a death certificate

I really don’t want to put too fine of a point on this, but here’s a 2018 report on the flu, which was that year classified as an “epidemic,” from ABC News. You will notice that this is pretty much exactly like any daily coronavirus report.

To be very clear: “I know someone who works at a hospital and they are saying that people are dying from respiratory infections” is not an argument for the existence of a new virus.

This is like saying, “I know someone who fell down the stairs” and then claiming that earth’s gravity must have been altered by cosmic rays.