You must always, always, always, always remember and you must never, never, never, never, ever, ever forget, that women can do whatever the fuck they wants to do. Okay? You got that?!

A bunch of ugly and demonic looking whores spent their weekend protesting in favor of legal abortion across America. It’s odd that these women would protest in favor of legalized baby murder considering that most of them are too ugly or fat for any sane man to want to have sex with. Then again, there are a lot of men out there that are so desperate and their personal constitutions… they have none.

These cunts shouldn’t have to be overly concerned with getting pregnant and murdering their unwanted child. Unless, their main goal is to shirk responsibility.

They’re claiming it is radical to not want babies murdered.

This whole “my body my choice” shit is not remotely serious. These same people just months ago were claiming that people have no right to bodily autonomy and demanded that people wear masks and be forcibly injected with deadly experimental shots over a fake pandemic, but now they claim that legalized baby murder is a bodily autonomy issue. These people are nothing but foolish clowns. Women are foolish clowns.

I’d also like to note that Stephen King speaking in support of abortion rights has falsely claimed that men can’t have babies which caused great offense to me personally.

This is obviously a hateful statement as men can absolutely have babies. If they couldn’t, would a major company like Calvin Klein recognize pregnant men? Of course they wouldn’t.

It’s proven science that men can become pregnant and speaking as a man who can become pregnant, because of the proven science, I am allowed to have just as much say on abortion as other birthing persons who happen to have been born with a vagina, okay?!

As a result of this, I don’t think baby murder should be a legal practice in America. The fact that these stupid cunts think this is somehow a good thing, shows that they should not have rights and should not have bodily autonomy. They need to be ruled and controlled, otherwise they’ll be taken over by by propagandathat appeals to their feeble sensibilities. These rallies in favor of murdering babies show that millions of women across America have been possessed by Matriarchal values.