“Women should just breastfe-…”

Not so fast, chud.

Get a load of this article!

I looked at the article so you won’t have to, but it’s up to you if you want to send your fist through your computer monitors in abject rage. I would have stopped here with this article, but my brain can’t help but scream, “how the fuck did women manage this basic bodily function of theirs under much harsher conditions if it is so unreasonable now?!”

Also, why in the fuck would you feed your baby corn syrup. Cow’s milk is for baby cows! Goat’s milk is for baby goats! Corn syrup is for baby humans.

You can’t even say the word woman now, or am I crazy? It’s “womb havers” and “birthing people” and now “lactating people”. Whatever happened to mothers and incubators? How about cunt. I like cunt. That word describes them best. What in the actual fuck is going on in this place? You can’t even call them by their proper terms—cunts. I’m going to cry.

Yes ma’am! Sheesh. That chin is sharp.

Mothers breastfed their babies during all of human history, except for the past 40 years, or so, until they decided to feed them processed whey syrup instead. Everyday, women are becoming more and more repulsive and showing their true nature. Imagine, the only thing you literally have to do is not be absolute abhorrent for just a couple months, and you can’t do it.

Well its pretty simple to explain actually. All behaviour of women makes perfect sense when you stop considering them as adults and instead, think of them as children. Children rebel against authority, because its an important part of the maturation process. And what is the ultimate authority? Nature—biology.

The role of an adult female ape in most ape societies is to gestate the young and then nurse them. So, women abort and force feed formula to their babies, because they have ran out of parents, role models and power structures to rebel against, so they attack the only thing left. Same with how we get trannies. No seriously. Women want to be men so badly, that they think being irresponsible cunts makes them more like men when the actual truth is, being a man comes with too many responsibilities! These front holes want to be like men so badly that they take birth control pills, so they can have sex willy-nilly, because they think that’s what the average man does. They want to have abortions to augment this warped perspective of masculinity they have conjured up in their pea brains. They think the average man is player that sleeps with 3 and 4 women in a week, like most men claim they do and aspire to do and what a few men actually have the capacity to do. Penis envy is real and so is female stupidity.

I mean, seriously, folks. What a bunch of cope and excuses to justify being weak and indolent bitches. Imagine needing a consultant to figure out how to put your tit in the baby’s mouth. It’s like it’s not about the money, but they’re just too retarded and too lazy to be moms, and they shouldn’t have made children to begin with. We should shame and ridicule these women. This retardation should not be excused.

Sitting on the couch watching Netflix while you breast feed, isn’t work. Most jobs allow women to pump and store milk. All the places I have worked allowed women to lock a room, pump milk, and then store it in the fridge. No one gave them shit and everyone admired the women for it. I remember a woman even breast feeding her child at her cubicle and you could walk by and catch a titty glance if you were some kind of creep. No one cared. I fucking hate modern propaganda.

Anyway, the article is written by the same people who are telling us blacks aren’t violent and white people are bad. It’s funny how it’s “lactating people” when it comes to breastfeeding, but “women” when it comes to abortion. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with the bleating of lemmings, after all, we are just casualties of the )udeo-gentile war.

JUST IN: Babies can rape their mothers by sucking on their breasts.

Neal Boortz in the 90s, reported on a case where a young mom called the local health department to ask if having an orgasm while breastfeeding was normal? Mandatory reporting agency. The Health Department called Family and Children Services. Cops arrested the young mother the next day. A long custody battle ensue. This was in Arkansas or Alabama. True story.