Apparently, 16 children died yesterday. Not 14 as was first reported.

Also, more than 1 teacher was murdered by this sick retard.

All of this is truly heartbreaking, but we cannot be hasty, because the narrative is unraveling.

This has got to be one of two things: the massacre was that bad, or it is a psyop. “My son never came home.” Why would they require DNA, if they couldn’t identify the bodies?

Just to clarify, I have never heard of DNA testing being required instead of parents/family members cooperation in identifying a deceased loved one. I do not know if this is something that happens for mass shootings/tragedies. However, this reminds me of when they decided to “spare the parents grief” by not letting them identify their children at Sandy Hook. What do you guys think?

I would guess it’s because the victim has no face. Beyond that I can’t imagine why they would need to. Weird. Another thought occured to me that makes me a bad person just to think about. His head was probably blown apart at close range.

Whatever is going on it kind of reminds of that time. You know. Sandy Hook.

The draw down moment isn’t here, yet, but before it comes, familiarize with this website:

These poor kids. All of this is to justify the narrative of white men are evil, immigrant hating, racist terrorists.

As always, cunts are up in arms, going on about the need to confiscate and illegalize guns.

They’ll never take our guns. Never!