In the roughly 24 hours or so that I’ve been offline, there was a mass shooting by a black in Tulsa.

The entire story disappeared from the news cycle within that 24 hour time frame.

I guess some moron tried to blame WHITE supremacy for the shooting.

Obviously such an absurd narrative can’t be pushed with any sort of seriousness.

The bottom line is that blacks do mass shootings all the time, but when they do them, it is not politically useful to the )ewish power structure. That’s why these shootings are often ignored and buried.

Still, the illegitimate brain dead President of the Communist States of America, Joe Biden, did a primetime television address last night demanding that we ban weapons to combat gun violence.

It is absurd that this walking vegetable is claiming to care about human life. This is the same person who supports murdering unborn children, forcibly injecting people with experimental substances over a fake pandemic while supporting a ridiculous )ewish war in Ukraine.

Yet, he wants to ban all kinds of weapons in America, because of some mass shootings that have taken place. In the grand scheme of things, these mass shootings while a problem, are not the biggest problem in a country that has over 300 million people in it.

Most of these mass shootings appear to either be weirdly staged events with some kind of FBI involvement, or are just random blacks shooting people. A weapons ban is not going to solve either of these problems. These issues are a result of the FBI doing strange things, an engineered mental health crisis and the government/media agitating blacks into doing violent acts. If anything at all is to come out of banning guns, it’ll be a black market. Counter Economics will surely kick in.

What this )ewish regime wants to do is use these crises, that have been totally manufactured, to strip WHITE people of their ability to defend themselves. They’ve spent years riling up the blacks to think there is a conspiracy by WHITE people to kill them, and at the same time, they want to disarm WHITE people.

They are doing all of this at the same time of it being demonstrated that police cannot be counted on to defend people; that they are useless—neither curative, nor preventative. With the Ulvade, Texas shooting incident, armed cops stood outside the school and did nothing to stop the shooter. They did this while preventing parents from entering the school to help their children and proclaiming that they could not breach the doors to save the children. These are the same psychopaths who will not hesitate to batteram our doors down if we are suspected of having committed a crime.

Now, I know a crisis actor when I see one. I have received enough training over the years to recognize them, thanks to the Sandy Hook, Parkland and a few other school shootings over the years. At 11:41am, this border patrol agent claims to have received a text message from his wife and according to the faggot police, a female teacher “prop open up the door” to the school at 11:28am, the shooter reportedly wrecked his truck at 11:29am – 11:30am, then a few people who saw the wreck came out of the nearby funeral home to assist and the shooter comes out of the passenger side and opens fire on them. From there, according to those first fired upon by the gunman, the gunman them jumped the fence to the school and entered the school from the south side where the teacher opened the door. He supposedly then goes into room 111 and 112 and wreaks havoc. The details are quite murky, nevertheless.

Anyway, this crisis acting border patrol agent, apparently gets preferential treatment. All other parents weren’t allowed by, but he was. Were the other parents to do what he supposedly did, these parents would be tazed, handcuffed and hauled off to jail, but he got to go in and rescue his daughter. Yet, morons still continue to “back the blue”. Some are even making the argument for guns by acknowledging that the crisis actor had a gun and not the other parents, therefore the police allowed him to go in to rescue his daughter.

Look, if you aren’t allowed to go in to rescue your kids despite what may happen to you, you are not free!

The good news is that this gun control agenda is not popular and it is hard to see any significant legislation getting crammed through Congress.