Mission Accomplished! Everything is going according to plan.

Kanye West [I refuse to refer to him as “Ye”] was on the Alex Jones show and said that he liked Adolf Hitler for a variety of excellent reasons. He said this as the Infowars production people played American History X clips.

He further declared that Hitler did not slaughter six million Jews and maintained that Hitler had redeeming qualities.

He said he was a really good architect (aspiring artist) also and had a really cool outfit.

Can’t disagree with either of those points.

In the spirit of bread and circus, I want to burst out laughing at the ADL Jew, Jonathan Greenblatt, but this, I realize, is part of a Jewish scheme.

[Reads notes: stick with bread and circus]

In this episode of the next sensational media happening, pay consideration to how Greenblatt didn’t call Kanye a liar. He calls him names, because he is 100% correct. This includes the foolish Jew hoax known as the Holocaust.
It was priceless watching Alex Jones try to handle this, granting he has spent his entire career going nuts over how evil Nazis were.

Now, let’s get serious.

At first, Kanye’s actions may have been authentic. After evaluating recent events, we may need to question his authenticity. Things were going well before him. Events unfolded at a slow pace and via subtle, hilarious and powerful memes, normies could be reached. Anti-Zionism had a “cool factor”. If you referenced it, you were considered “in the know”. It was happening under a threshold where Jews couldn’t maneuver. This happened through mutating jokes and symbolism, and they could not cope. Now, Kanye has put on this clown show and naming the Jew will evoke images of him rambling with a ridiculous mask on, babbling over God and Jesus with no coherent point. He has become the face of anti-Zionism. It will take years to repair the damage he has wrought.

The retards cannot pinpoint the psyop. They believe in a Jewish zombie that lives in the sky, as Kanye does. He says the right things, and it moves them. This is going to backfire. The responses to the interview are indicative. We who see it understand why it’s going to be a shit show, because we understand retards are plentiful; sensationalists, behaving no differently to groupies and corner huggers; getting off on any little thing. We recognize this as bread and circus used to further Jewish-spun agendas.

Isn’t it curious how Kanye claims being blackballed when he’s on 5 significant, far-reaching podcasts a day? Put it together, retards. This narrative functions for them.

Many of you reading may disagree, because you think I miscalculate how susceptible blacks are. Whites are more impressionable and they are the ones supporting the “Ye2024” nonsense. It is an immense grift. Further, you think I undervalue how many people resent Jews. This is just absurd. Most people are philo-Judaic, because they have been feminized and brainwashed. You again suspect I am unfamiliar with the level at which whites agree with blacks once they go brown shirts together. Oh, you poor mindless Hitlertards. I could enlighten you morons, but I’m out of crayons. Last, you jackasses think I do not comprehend blacks, like you, retards, only respond to loud, extravagant and hyperbolic shit; the patent place gossip is their favorite shit, and that Kanye is appealing in this manner. You guys can’t understand that they do not differ from you. This psyop lifts you off your feet and slams you with disappointment. Remember the last episode of Sopranos? A major disappointment followed a major buildup. Starring a diverse cast, too, and the most important of the design; black, white, Mexican, faggots and Jews. “Diversity is Our Strength.”

You dumb asses underrate the foolishness of the average individual and their rapacious need for entertainment. I have been meaning to share this with you readers, but I balked because of conducting observations. It’s time to say it.
I travel around the country and every time I stop at a gas station, or must interact with a random person, I may drop keywords and ask one question: “Hey, do you think the goyim know?” Their answers are the same. “Huh???” “What?” “What do you mean?” I leave it alone after that. You should try it once.

THE GOYIM DO NOT KNOW! Neither do they give a shit. Most people aren’t interested in things outside of themselves or comforts. Most watch TV, but are not watching things related to this topic. Why would they? It’s programming to keep them entertained. In addition, the average normie will reject things that may endanger his or her comforts.

I’m sorry, but you are overzealous with what’s happening with Kanye. Your expectations are not realistic. Each time you leave your house, your eyes are pulled over by the veil of cognition. I would hate to be in your position when the womp womp womp envelopes you.

The Veil of Cognition

We need to stop trying to defeat concepts. The War On Drugs, The War On Terror, the war on things not tangible, society and its insignificant shit. What things are normies trying to defeat? Poor physical and mental health, pernicious values, exploitation of their children, medical coercion and others? If they’re caught up in what people think, they can’t defeat genuine issues.

It starts with you!

I know and understand that having a television in my home is like having a Jew in my living room. So, I don’t have one, or I am cautious and selective with what I watch and imbibe. The same is true for your kids. You disagree with what schools are teaching them? Then homeschool your kids! You detest the banality and decadence on social media? Stop using it and rid your home of it! Stop consuming goyslop and listening to the lies politicians and government officials feed you. If you demand to be free of Jewish influence, you can diminish your vulnerability. Start the J-Cleanse today and stop trying to battle with concepts that were designed for and have no direct impact on you.

This is as far as I can take you, because I can’t help you understand beyond your mental blocks. Only your experiences and taking personal responsibility can do that. Understand this: no single person can impose his or her will on others without resistance. It doesn’t matter how much propaganda they use and so MSM, Alt-Media and social media Jews need to pump out propaganda. Either you take your autonomy, accept personal responsibility and do something with it, for yourselves, or flounder around, trying to make everyone in your image.

Just stop giving into the psyops!

To be fair

To be fair, everybody who discovers this information goes through this phase. Kanye has plenty of money and influence. If he was penniless, nobody will notice him. He will get 8 likes and 2 retweets, then de-platformed.

People aren’t ready to digest everything. To be fair, once you discover everything you’ve ever been taught or told is misdirection or egregious lies, you go through the standard stages of grief and everyone processes this experience differently. Kanye is in a very precarious position. He cries wolf, but he doesn’t realize it’s the fucking townsfolk. They are wolves masquerading as humans. Maybe he’ll figure this out, maybe he won’t, but Kanye will fizzle, for sure. I’ll put money on it. He has zero charisma, his communications are not succinct and most of the times he either misplays his hand, or mistakes the 3 of clubs for a king. To me, it’s free entertainment, and it’s useful normies who are getting red pilled and noticing things they ought to notice, but I won’t be stashing away any of his talking points into the “useful” filing cabinet soon.

Back to Reality

We can reverse this play by ignoring him and meme-ing how fucking stupid he is with this. He’s no different from a child with matches. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Normies will be on board and that’ll open up an opportunity for them to red pill themselves. He’s fucked now. Mossad will just psyop him in to oblivion, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll just MK Ultra a shooter somewhere, and he’ll end up six feet in the ground. I’m sorry, but I don’t listen to his music. His “music” appeals to the low IQ crowd, and trust me, you do not want to have to rely on him in dire circumstances.