We are discussing a problem that is a lot easier to identify than it is to fix, and I believe that ultimately, it can only be fixed on the societal level. However, individuals must try to make relationships work.

I have been repeatedly accused by “right-wing feminists” of pushing ideas which would harm the formation of families. In my perception, this is the precise opposite of what I do. Their arguments are not actually clear to me. I’ve tried to address them before, and would love to write a response to any clear theory put forward.

As far as I can tell, and I can only speculate, because the arguments are emotional and unclear, these critics are claiming that men will be more successful in dealing with women if they pander to them and pretend that they are not completely damaged sluts. That is so typical of women. Men must never call them on and point out their bullshit. We must just ignore it and pretend that women aren’t retarded cunts. This is essentially what has us here in the first place, but women are not smart, not intelligent and are solipsistic and therefore cannot comprehend the stupidity behind their “arguments”.

Typically they call this cognitive dissonance, “respecting women,” and it is all part of the “niceness” doctrine of being female, but what that term means in modern feminist parlance is deferring to and ultimately submitting to the woman as the dominant partner in the relationship.

Someone is going to be in control, and what modern women always demand is that they be the ones in control. This is the Female Animus. It is only by refusing them that control that you will gain their respect and keep your society and the world from total destruction. Of course, whatever respect you gain from a woman is fleeting and as long as a woman has the option of surviving without you, which all Western societies currently offer them, they will never respect or honor their husbands as all religions commands them to – which is in total submission. For a woman, submission means, following her husband’s lead.

The underlying assumption of the feminists is that women can somehow be reasoned with, which is simply false on its face. No woman will ever agree to be a “partner” in the sense of a business partner, where decisions are made together. If you cannot maintain absolute authority over a woman, she will take any place where your authority is weak as an opening and an opportunity to undermine you.

“Respecting women” is largely a nonsensical concept, which cannot be taken as anything other than malicious, a twisted way of demanding that women be given control of the partnership. It makes exactly as much sense as saying we should “respect children.” We shouldn’t disrespect our wives or children, we shouldn’t abuse them, we should always protect them from harm, even with our own lives, but we do not respect their opinions, nor do they have bodily autonomy. Within the basic order of nature, a man has complete physical dominance over and the right to determine every aspect of the lives of both his wife and his children. Or course, he must take care of them, but that care often involves doing things they don’t like and disciplining them. Women cannot comprehend this.

The closest a man ever comes to “respect” for women is in not being resentful of their wives for their bad behavior. That is to say, to forgive them as you would forgive an annoying child, yet this also suggests that the resentment isn’t without its merit.

Giving authority to women is not only against the order of nature and in direct opposition to what makes a functional, high trust and high IQ society, but it is also the easiest way to ensure you are never successful with women. We understand very well that women do not respect men who pander to them, and they certainly do not reward them with sex or marriage. Women are only ever going to respect dominant men. The only women that would take a non-dominant man seriously enough to have sex with him are older women who, as outlined above, are looking for a dupe to marry them after they’ve already been run-through by hundreds of men (a majority of women in the West have a three-digit bodycount by the time they hit 30). If men are interested in that, they still do not benefit by being weak and “respecting” (read: submitting to) the woman. The relationship will always work better if the man is dominant.

Feminists who claim that women are attracted to men who pander to them are lying. Even very handsome and well-off men are going to have difficulty managing a relationship if they defer to a woman.

Everyone is having a hard time. Families are the single most important thing to me, and I absolutely want men to have the best chances possible in forming their own families. I do believe that the coming troubles may give people much better opportunities on that front, so single men should be prepared. Of course, there is going to be a massive wave of divorces in the first stages of this collapse, when the government is still offering women money and various other incentives if they leave their husbands, which they are going to be desiring to do, because their husbands will be out of work, but I do believe that the government will not, in the longer term, be able to provide very much for a woman, and in such a situation a man who is capable of providing will be in a position where he can demand the woman submit to him.