We’ve all seen the brutality happening in Europe and Australia. We’re sure you’ve noticed the majority of these abusers are actually white cops assaulting those of their own race. Not that it is okay to do this to people of another race, but I want people to comprehend that police brutality ISN’T about race. In addition, I want you to imagine the brainwashing necessary to get police acting this way towards their own people.

Now, in your minds, fast forward 30 years when the majority of police forces are non-whites, full of hatred for whites. See where the Jews are taking this?

Fast forward 30 years of a relentless campaign of anti-white hatred, vilification and brainwashing.

It’s bad enough that half of whites hate the other half and wish their own destruction befall them. How are whites supposed to survive when the majority population of white homelands are non-whites in positions of power, with an ingrained hatred towards whites? The answer is: they’re not supposed to survive. This is exactly what Jews want and it is working! Thanks to white women.

Whites won’t survive and will be genocided and (((they))) know it.

Civic nationalism is a Jewish lie that will never work.

Whites either separate, or die.