Here are 5 things Boomers most certifiably and definitely have done to destroy the West.

  • Deferred to Jews in all things. They turned a blind eye to nepotistic Jewish power and blamed everyone, but the Jews for the negative things they’ve done to the West (implementing Anti-white cultural Marxist-influenced policies, using the usurious banking system to assume total financial control, using media to demoralize whites, etc.). This doesn’t even need to be discussed, EVERYONE knows it’s true. 100% of boomers are either Zio-Con Shabbos goys or Libshit hippie retards, who think the Holocaust actually happened and is the worst thing in the history of the world (The Feminine).
  • Outsourced the greatest post-war economy on the planet to China and other shithole countries so that their stock prices would rise. They are 100% responsible for this.
  • Erected firewalls and rent-seeking practices into the economy, that they themselves never suffered in their youth; such as the arbitrary demands for certifications, degrees, years of experience in certain fields, as well as giving rise to the tyranny of the HR Department (women). 90% of Boomers got their jobs right out of high school, or college with no experience and enjoyed high pay and good benefits; things they then went on to deny their grandkids- Most of this firewall-erecting and rent-seeking was done out of paranoia, to protect their own jobs from the competition of younger generations. Precisely because of the outsourcing they did.
  • Opened the borders of the West to mass non-white migrants and considered it their faggot, Christcucked imperative to emotionally bow down to rampaging retarded murderous rape-orcs, because a 2000 year old, dead, Jewish rabbi said “turn the other cheek, goy” (The Feminine).
  • Pushed Marxism into education. Marxism was virtually unknown in America up until the turn of the 20th century, when your great grandpappy shoveled shit and worked in the mines. When your grandpappy was in college, he was learning from Jews about how Whitey is evil and must be destroyed, because “muh precious black and brown people’s feelings” (The Feminine).

Boomers: Depleted all of the resources of most of the countries on the planet in a single generation, leaving absolutely nothing for future generations, polluted the planet to the point where some areas will become uninhabitable and unable to support life, leaving the cleanup for future generations. They supported radical feminism and multiculturalism to the point where their grandsons will be unable to find wives and keep families and their entire race may be in danger of extinction. They exported all of the industry and farming work to overseas for short-term profits, thereby destroying future generation’s chances of finding work and having a stable economy. They also destroyed the educational and academic institutions in innumerable social and political experiments that crippled at least two generations. They promoted the kind of banking and economics that have put the most powerful and wealthiest country on Earth, in all of human history, into the most debt ridden nation, ever seen in human history. They have caused massive economic recessions that affect the entire world and finally, they have created a social institution that redistributes wealth to their generation, from their own children in outrageous retirement and pension funds that are designed to allow them to live in luxury and comfort, while the world they have ruined, melts down around them.