Caryn Elaine Johnson (Whoopi “Rope Head” Goldberg) has been canned by the Jews.

What did she do? Well, she just vocalized the misconceptions and misperceptions that most blacks have about Jews — that they are white. They are not! and they are desperately, at this time, trying to let everyone know that they aren’t.

The world must never forget!!!! These elves are working overtime to let everyone know that the 6 gazillion were murdered.

It’s freaking hilarious, what a clown show! Whoopi as a black, wants to go the route of, “it’s not racism when it is about white people killing (((white))) people”, while, the Jews are kvetching that the Holocaust was totally about racism and also the worst kind of racism.

Honestly, I don’t know how to react to all of this. It is such a mindfuck.

On one hand, I’m mad at Whoopi, because this has caused everyone to jump into, “defend the Jews mode” and I don’t want people to consider Jews white, because they aren’t. On the other hand, it’s making the Jews seethe, because she is denying them minority privilege and is (in a roundabout way) rubbing the label of “racist” off the Nazis.

Very confusing turn of events.

Her argument was not that Nazis weren’t racist. Her arugment was that as a black woman, it is none of her business to care, or invest
herself emotionally, if white people kill white
people — both sides who historically “opressed” her African ethnic kin.

To her, it is disgusting to demand that the “opressed” care for and emotionally invest into the crimes or victim status of those who put them in bondage. This is merely Victimhood Olympics where blacks see Jews as white and go off script.

This misconception that blacks have about Jews being white was formulated by Jews. How you may ask? Well, Jews have always pretended to be white, especially when whites were on top socially and economically — when it benefits them. Crypto Jews.

Now that whites are being demonized in societies all around the world, now that whites are quite unpopular as a result of the machinations of the Jews in the media and in academia, Jews want everyone to know that they are not white.

What a way to start off “Black History Month” — deplatforming a black woman for “wrongthink”.

Whoopi Goldberg being fired by Jews is part of the plan and an operation to demonstrate to the entire world that Jews are truly in power. Blending in with whites has already fulfilled its function and now it is time to discard that function — infiltration into the upper echelons of white society for power and domination.

It is functional for the Jews to separate and distance themselves from whites, now that the damage has been done.

Whitey bad! The niggers never seem to pick up on it either. Ever. Which is kind of a mystery to me.

I mean, it’s all of this kind of public shenanigans, hundreds of years later and niggers STILL don’t seem to recognize that it was Elves who bought them from slave markets and sold them worldwide. Then again, most white people don’t know this.

In the end, I don’t really care what happens to Whoopi the shit face cunt. She’s been a stupid cunt for a very long time and I don’t feel sorry for her. She deserves it.

As a reminder for some fence sitters: Caryn Johnson changed her entire name; especially her last name, to GOLDBERG, in the 70s and 80s, because she and her mom believed that having a Jewish-sounding last name would make it more likely that she’d get callbacks for movies and tv show castings.

Her thought process in the 80s must have literally been, “Jews control Hollywood. If I have a Jewish name, they’ll call me, because they don’t know I’m a black woman, then when I show up I can impress them with my “acting”.

To her credit, it fucking worked!

Basically, even though Whoopi Goldberg is a middling IQ negress, she has been “woke” to the Jewish Question for decades. So,I smell a psyop.

In addition, at this point, anyone who calls you a conspiracy theorist when you’re telling them that Jews control the media, is a fucking retard and you’re better off not interacting with them.

Hey, if anything, this event has finally gotten the Jews to admit that they are not white and are a separate race. It might lead to some interesting conversations on how so many of the things perceived as white privilege are in fact Jewish privilege, instead.

In the end, the lesson to be learned here is, you don’t bite the hand that steals from whites to feed you.