They said all the kids were brainwashed into trannyism and vax mania, but maybe they’re not?

Maybe it’s worse.

Yeah, it’s worse. It’s just another feminized, attention-getting larp and grift.

Again, white western culture is Feminine — all about sensationalism, attention-seeking and dopamine saturation.

If anyone is truly serious about what kids are being subjected to in schools by school boards and their administrators, they would simply take their kids out of school.

If any of this was of any substance, or possessed substantive value, these kids would not be subjected to lazy, stupid retarded cunts, relying on the government to babysit their kids and brainwash and indoctrinate them into being subservient and obeisant government slaves.

If people are truly invested in this in a serious manner, it’ll mean women need to be put back in their places — “back to the kitchen bitch! Make me a sandwich!”

But no. Women are too fucking stupid and men, today, are too feminized, so this kind of absurdity occurs. Then it is sensationalized and portrayed as “standing up for what’s right”.

Listen, guys. Do not be fooled by any of this nonsense. It is all dumb, feminine retardation and sensationalism, fit for Tik Tok and gossip threads online.

And that’s the truth that no one wants to hear, nor discuss.

It doesn’t get any more moronic than “paying” local government (they steal your money via taxation. Taxation is theft and backed by the threat of violence and loss of your freedom) to essentially babysit your children for 7 hours a day for just about 15 impressionable years of their lives, only to end up with an adult who knows absolutely nothing about the world and cannot function in society.

Would you continue to employ a babysitter who continually abuses your child?

This is the stupidity of women. Women rely on proxy violence and big government for “handouts” and gibs, only to screw up society in the long-run.

They are impulsive, sensate, cretinous, cerebral insufficients that cannot defer gratification and only care about feelings, not facts.

If you are seriously interested in having kids, then it must be understood and recognized that one parent (preferably the mom) needs to stay at home with the kids. Mothers need to provide a source of education, entertainment and social interaction for their children. All of this must be done under the auspices of the Masculine — the father’s understandings and input.

The current state of child-rearing — their socialization, education — is as a result of the parents (women and emasculated men) outsourcing their responsibilities to the government and government agencies.

The lack of understanding of the detriment of public education allows for the sensationalism surrounding a bunch of retarded teenagers walking out of school over a mask mandate.

If we focus on that bullshit, we lose focus on the bigger picture — these kids are learning absolutely nothing in school, other than to perpetuate feminine values — bitch, whine, nag and complain — supplicating and beseeching for freedoms in the name of recreational outrage and dopamine highs.

This is essentially what Cancel Culture (Feminine culture) looks like.