I don’t know why they have Trudy in an SS uniform. He should be in a Maoist pantsuit.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take everything you have. This is what retarded Westerners do not comprehend.

Allowing women to vote and to participate in public life gives you big government. It is as simple as that.

This is because they are retards and a dependant class, by nature. Stupid men are Feminine men and they too are retards who make up the dependant class.

They’ll say stupid fucking shit like, “if we don’t have a government, who will build the roads?”

Uh, people build the roads, fucking moron!

These cerebral insufficients don’t know that the government “outsource” and contract out the jobs to private entities to build roads, anyway. The government doesn’t build roads! People in private entities, build roads.

Most people believe government to be some mystical entity with magical powers that does this and that. No! PEOPLE get shit done. It just so happens that the people who make up the government are retarded, middle managing, parasitic morons who have made you believe that they are necessary and legitimate.

What was the evolutionary function for how rulers and governments started? Well a couple of three things actually, but first, we must differentiate between a ruler and a leader.

A leader leads via volunteering his services, while a ruler delegates, through force and lies.

Imagine a tribe of 20 people and their abodes have just been struck down by a lightening storm. The surroundings are treacherous and teming with lifeforms that want to eat them. The tribe then ventures off to find shelter and some relative safety and happen upon a cave, nearby. They hear growling and grumblings in the cave, but the cave seems to be a great place for shelter and refuge from both the lightening storm and the creatures that lurk in the dark.

Of the 20, 7 are men and 10 are women and 3 are children. One of them volunteers to venture into the cave and clear it out. Of the other men, 1 decides to join in. Soon after, 2 others join as well as a result of seeing the willingness of the others. So, 4 men venture into the cave and clear it out of all harmful creatures and vermin.

This man who first volunteered and ventured off into the cave, is now be seen as a hero. He is the the leader of the venture and as a result is revered for his courage and bravery for having taken the initiative.

In this example, leaders are “doers”, whereas, a ruler, according to this template, would tell others what to do. The ruler would have chosen who would venture off into the cave and who wouldn’t, even against their will.

How then do leaders become rulers? Is this a natural progression of things — leader to ruler?

Is it farfetched to consider that perhaps, after several feats that this man, would be perceived as a god? His hunting skills, strength, agility and deftness displayed in taking down a fearsome beast, would surely not go unnoticed.

It would especially be the case, were his feats and accomplishments be due to defending the tribe from intruders, be they man or beast. For example, were there to be a sudden attack that required him and the other men to act and think quickly; him besting the others in combat and emerging triumphant. As a result, members would look to him for guidance and stewardship. He would be adored and adorned by all the women and respected by the other men. They would defer to him in all things, seek his favor for he must be one with nature and whatever it is that controls it.

Still, this wouldn’t explain how a leader becomes a person who gets to tell others what to do.

This phenomenon would only occur if there be a threat of force, or violence that is to be exacted upon other members of the tribe on part of the Atilla (yes, I have read lots of Ayn Rand), were they not to obey his commands. Based on the positive mental reinforcement of his past — knowledge of his strength and prowess by his fellow tribesmen — many would fear being subdued by his might. This would surely mean death.

Or, him becoming ruler could be born out of pure irrationality as is often the case. Some fluke of nature, or circumstance that made everyone in the village see this one particular person as a god. All of this amounts to access to resources.

Another likelihood, more so than the two aforementioned, would be due to access to food. You see, we as humans must work in order to survive and this fact of reality is what Socialists and Communists alike, take great issue with.

If you were stuck on an island alone, you will have to feed yourself to survive and in doing so, you will have to work to attain the food to sustain yourself. Even if it means climbing a tree to pick a coconut. In a setting as illustrated earlier, the most fearsome and skilled hunter would become leader and ruler due to his ability to feed the tribe. The more game he successfully hunted, the more mouths he would feed, provided that circumstances allowed this to be the case.

Of course, these are very simple and rudimentary examples, even so, hopefully it explains how rulers attain their roles and positions. Much of these dynamics have not changed, throughout all of human existence — rulers and governments achieve their status either through force, or by consent. The latter is always as a result of fear and irrationality — stupid people who are either too lazy, or afraid to do things for themselves.

These rulers have done neither of these things, yet, we grant them power over us. They’ve never ventured into the cave, nor hunted the wild game. So, how then did they get to impose their will upon us? Simple. We granted them this power through manufactured consent. They kept us safe from the ‘unknowns” and all “impending dangers”; they were the ones who created and instilled fears in us and fed our irrationalities and pretended to assume the risks of having to keep us safe from whatever lies and dangers they conjure up. In keeping us safe and fed, they granted us the “pursuits of life, liberty and happiness”. Somewhere along the line, in-between all the chicanery and hand puppetry, we helped create fictional, non-meritorious institutions, deified and paid reverence and obeisance — monarchs, feudal feifdoms, presidents, prime ministers, dictators and the likes.

It is all make-believe, born out of people refusing to do shit for themselves. Unless, there are things that others aren’t capable of doing themselves that require others, where reciprocity is behooved. Either way, this is how rulers and governments arise. By someone else assuming the risks and taking on the responsibly through conquest, exploration and ingenuity to make the lives of others a little better. In a post post modern world, most of these risks are manufactured. Rinse and repeat and you have all governments and leaders, past and present.

Society is so advanced that we have eliminated risks in all major, natural facets of life. These dangers no longer exist and this is why women are allowed to take over and roam freely, because men have created a risk free existence. Women are not risk takers and never have been and these rulers, today, assume their rulership over us by manufacturing dangers and risks; granting and taking away rights on a whim.

Do you understand Justine Trudeau, now? He has taken away Canadians’ natural right to exist freely (and every single possible thing that that can entail). Think about this for a second: before the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta and all and any Constitutions, did we humans not have a right to speak freely? Did we not have our right to defend ourselves and our property? After all, this is exactly what property is — something you own, because you are able to defend it. So, how did we get to the government granting us these rights?

There is no such thing as being granted rights, because rights do not exist! Fundamentally, in nature, they do not exist. We as humans simply have actions and behaviors that we exhibit that cause harm, or do not cause harm.

Rights can only exist within a society, where there are agreed upon terms and rules of engagements.

Society is a scam! A longstanding scam that many people have bought into and not of their own freewill, either. For most, it was just there and always has been.

From the above illustrations, it should become clear to you as to why it is I am absolutely right about “peaceful protests” being a feminine construct of beseeching and supplication and how and why the involvement of women only leads to bigger government and disaster.

Women were never hunters. They may have only been gatherers. Nonetheless, they did not perform great feats to command respect. They were never leaders who volunteered to venture into the cave, or the unknown, resulting in them becoming heroes. They possessed no innate skills, nor possess physical and mental strength to show initiative, or courage, or valor, worthy of reward and praise. They never have and still don’t! Their only true worth is in their sexual value — their beauty, ability to dispense sex and to incubate. Hence, peaceful protests will always result in the banal, mindless vocations of begging and pleading with those who through force, lies and manufactured consent, grant them sustenance, because women, not only do they not do shit for themselves, but they cannot and refuse to.

In turn, the rulers — those who do assume the “risks” and are consented responsibility of having to provide sustenance — will never give in to any activity that hinders them from fulfilling that role women and stupid men have consented to. Society, in this regard, is thusly feminine/feminized and government has assumed the masculine role of provider. However, government is a feminine construct, for it fictitiously plays the role of exactly what a woman requires of a man for sustenance and it does so, through lies and the use of force, the same way a woman relies on lies, deceit, manipulation and proxy violence. In other words, government is “the perfect man”.

The natural state and nature of women is to beg and supplicate. The natural state and nature of men is to do the opposite.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take everything you have. Retarded, feminized Westerners have consented to governments giving them stuff, thereby creating a golem.

The only answer is to rescind consent and you know exactly how I mean.