Russia is responsible for the Holodomor that decimated millions of native Ukranians.

Yet, Russia was under )ewish occupation. Ironically, Ukraine, today, is now under the same )ewish occupation. This is no coincidence, but a cohen-cidence.

Russia is still under )ewish occupation and influence.

In all things, follow the nose.

Ukranians caught using fake guns on Fox News coverage.

The Psyop continues and the kevetching of the )ews β€” incessant.

Why is it everytime there’s a major happening, these )ews try to get ahead of the unfolding narratives in order to show themselves to be on the side of liberty, freedom and peace, love and happiness.

I’ll tell you why! They do this, because they know that after thousands of years, the Goyim know!, instinctively that they are always behind all the false flags, Psyops, wars and misery. So, if they show that they are on the side of the goyim, they can’t be fingered as being the culprit. This shit about them sickens me, to no end.

All you need to know about this conflict and any conflict that is to arise in the future, that may appear to have the ears of being organic, is that Russia is under Jewish occupation, Ukraine is under Jewish occupation and the United States of Communism, the UK, China, Taiwan, France, Australia, New Zealand and on and on it goes; are all under ZOG.

And they are all manlets.