They are going after meat, because they are pushing for a feminized world. A Matriarchy where weak, soy poisoned, faggot men are running around. This is what The Feminine has wrought.

The “Animals are dirty and dangerous” narrative has gone into hyperdrive! They are saying, “the infection can also be spread by animals and eating meat.” What a contrived way to push the war on meat.

I will not eat ze bugs

Of course, this is supposed to overshadow occurrences such as this:

35,000 pounds of eggs spill all over the I-30, in Dallas, TX, on Malcolm X Boulevard. It has been anonymously reported that a roving band of monkeys to be the caused.

For those of you who may be uncertain about what’s going on with the monkeypox hoax that I predicted months ago, here is some food for thought.

As I mentioned months ago, here and here, this is so by design.

The coming months are predicted to be scary. Food shortages are going to be unprecedented and many are slated to die of starvation.

Shit is getting pretty strange, to say the least.