A bunch of gun control faggots have been protesting outside the National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston, Texas.

The Parkland faggot, David Hogg, who is also the son of an FBI spook, is there claiming that this protest is different.

Look at these losers using their children as political props. I mean, it doesn’t surprise me, but, it’s quite nauseating.

Quite frankly, if you use your kids this way, you should totally be ashamed of yourself, but, women are shameful and shameless.

It is very difficult for me to believe that the recent mass shooting event in Texas, happening just days before the National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston, is some sort of random coincidence. Especially with all the weird things surrounding that incident, and the Buffalo incident before that.

This protest is so dumb though. These people are literal mindless automatons who will just protest whatever they are told to protest by the )ewish media. This is simply because we live in a gynotopia that is stirred up by )ewish provocation. Just a few weeks ago abortion was the big “current thing” and now this week the big “current thing” is “gun control.”

Imagine supporting groups like Planned Parenthood which literally kills children in the mother’s womb while claiming that the NRA kills kids. It’s mass lunacy and stupidity. It is Feminine and this is we are literally living in the minds of women.

Unfortunately, the NRA is not the organization it was. It’s been forced into bankruptcy and is being sued into oblivion. They are no longer an entity that can be counted on to protect the Second Amendment. They never were really that great to begin with, quite frankly, but it is better that they exist than not. They’re obviously a major target of the )ews who want to disarm WHITE Americans, and that alone makes them worth supporting.

Regardless of the situation surrounding the NRA, I still maintain that it is impossible to impose a total gun ban in America. There’s far too many guns in the country and they don’t have the resources to go door to door to confiscate weapons. I doubt the faggot ZOG cops would have the balls to go through with it either.