The tyrannical, emotionally driven manlet cops, done killed another nigger. They are claiming that he had a gun in the car, even though at the time of his murder he was unarmed. They let off about 90 rounds into him, then offered CPR “to save his life”.

The hunt down starts at 27 minutes in.

Here’s the shortened version.

This, after he refused to stop for a traffic violation!

Jayland, as the bodycam footage shows, RAN from the badged tyrants. They chased after him, then murdered him. The pieces of shit are claiming that Jayland fired off 2 rounds at the cops before they pursued him. I don’t believe it. These badged thugs lie and manufacture “evidence” to justify their tyranny and blood lust.

Was Jayland a “sweet young man”? I do not think so. I wouldn’t believe it, but does that justify him being murdered, especially while being unarmed and running away from the cops.

The Feelings Enforcement officers (they are not Law Enforcement) will lie to cover their asses, just as they did with the Orlando Millenia mall shooting, where a cop harassed a 19 year old, for trying to pick up girls (“asking young girls their ages”, which is the right thing to do) at the mall and for having alcohol and marijuana on him.

What the fuck do young people go to the mall for, other than to hang out, be mall rats and pickup each other?

Later on, another cop lied about the young man opening fire on him at the Olive Garden, before taking his own life. In the video you can clearly see that it was the cop who shot his windshield out and opened fire in a public area, shooting out the back window of someone’s vehicle. Someone could have been in there!

In Raleigh, NC, a mentally disturbed man was murdered for throwing molotov cocktails at cops, after cops threatened to kill him if he did. “Do it mother fucker!”

Do it and I’ll kill you!

Nothing will come of these murders by cops, because the Communists are now in charge.

Wake up, folks. Cops are not your friends.