Here we go again. We can’t even enjoy a little steak with our families without these glowies trying to take away our freedoms

Multiple people have been shot at a July 4th parade in a Chicago suburb. Highland Park, Illinois, to be precise. So far it has been reported tha at least 6 are dead and24 hospitalized.

The suspect is a “young white male” with long black hair. Hundreds of officers are currently involved in the manhunt, the police say.

This story is developing.

As usual, we ought to wait for more info, but I personally already know how this is going to turn out. Another psyop. Another psyop run by your favorite governement alphabet agencies, to take our guns away. Ban guns and demonize whitey while doing so. Even though I predicted this stuff was going to happen a lot this year, in my immediate circle, we discussed that something was going to happen, specifically in Chicago, today. More details on that later.

In the meantime, just enjoy the holiday, the food, family and friends and pick this up tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys updated.