This shit is getting out of hand. I really can’t stop laughing.

It’s so funny how you idiots fell for the “Biden is in mental decline” propaganda. MAGApedes are literally shaking right now.

Let’s get serious, okay?

*Checks notes*

Okay serious time, now.

The Director of the FBI—who had Trump’s home raided—was appointed by Donald Trump.

“I only hire the best.”

Trump idiotically thought putting people in positions of power would somehow mean they had to have undying loyalty to him. I honestly do not feel sorry for this tangerine turd. He betrayed the American people and his supporters on January 6th.

There are some Q-Anonsense retards who are still going, “God has a plan. Trust the plan. God wanted this. He has to go through trials and tribulations and you just watch. He’ll emerge victorious. Trust the plan.” Fucking retards, all of them.

The orange jackass Boomer promised to “drain the swamp”, then fills his entire administration exclusively with swamp creatures. He then surrendered the entire nation to the swamp when it rigged the election. Now, he’s crying, “why are they persecuting me???” What an oath-breaking traitor he turned out to be.

After the Communists rigged the 2020 election, lots of things happened. For instance, Trump signed an executive order that put Special Forces under the direct control of Trump’s Secretary of Defense, bypassing the Pentagon chain-of-command. There was an unusual increase in flights to and from Guantanamo Bay. There was all this activity and then, nothing. No arrests. No call to the military. No call to the American people. He got everyone’s hopes up for absolutely no reason, then just meekly walked away. Yes, it was absurdly obvious that if he gave up his power, he would be persecuted by the Communist regime.

I mean, hell, he didn’t even bother to pardon his Jan 6th supporters and now something like 700 of them are indefinitely detained political prisoners.

I badly want to believe that Trump just didn’t have the balls to do what needed to be done; that he’s a coward, but I understand how Jewry works.

Trump didn’t do what Jewry wanted him to, outside of moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The filthy rats wanted a war with Iran and conflict with Russia; exactly what they have Biden doing, and Trump refused. He averted war and conflict several times.

The kind of shabbos shit heel goy Trump is, is that when a friend is upset with him, he’ll do whatever it takes to get back in their good graces, but the way these evil fucking kikes operate, he wasn’t prepared for. Hence, he still shills for them, in order for them to give him a second chance. The reality is, that ship has sailed and there is NO FORGIVENESS. He is in the dog house, forever!

The rats are going to destroy Trump and we should not feel sorry for him, because this is what dumb ass Boomers get for deferring to ]ews in all things.