So, this kinda shit is going on.

I’m not surprised. The jews pulled this off and left America holding the bag, once more, despite the FDIC and the Federal Reserve knowing they were going to do this. This is why the jews who ran the SVB pulled out a month before Friday’s debacle.

They even gave themselves and those who knew what they were doing, bonuses.

The same skullduggery went on with Signature bank, too.

This time, they shut it down despite it being a solvent bank. You see, there’s always a Jewish schemish plot going on when it comes to the shekels. Pay attention to what Barney Frank, co-drafter of the Dodd-Frank Act, is reported to have said.

Well, my dear readers, the Jewish Money Swindle is quite deep with many layers. One thing we can always bank on (excuse the pun) is, “Every Single Time!”

How does that last one sit with your ass? Well, like I told you guys, the USSA Federal Government has taken over the means of production—Socialism.