We’ve breached the event horizon and our economy is in free-fall. The jews have sucked this nation dry and what’s left, left to rot.

The cunt jewess (or, jewess cunt) isn’t mincing words, is she? A few months ago, she sounded quite different. The cunt said, then, “The U.S. economy is obviously performing exceptionally well…”.

Today, her message is grim.

I recall telling you folks that economic collapse was sure to come in June. Now, Yellen is warning that Congress must pass a debt limit hike by June 1st, or risk defaulting on its debt. This surely isn’t the first, nor the hundredth time America has been in this situation and it certainly won’t be the last. However, what makes this time different is the fact that the rest of the world has already pivoted away from the USD as a currency reserve. In addition, and probably, most importantly, this issue is going to be used and turned into a Left vs. Right/Democrat vs. Republican election issue. Yes, another PSYOP. One that will be used to instill and maintain a belief in the two-party bullshit system.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans have already agreed to raise the debt ceiling. Of course, with contingencies. After all, they are both part of the same shit bird. Still, it is more likely that a depression scenario will emerge in the next few weeks, to legitimize a need for CBDCs and everything these retarded, cruel technocrats have planned for us all. A major cyber attack on banks is already lined up to push the agenda along.

China was “successful” (by their standards) in being the prime model for a one-world, techno-Communist system. The mass surveillance, CBDC, UBI, Social Credit Score system, pushed and paid for by Kissinger and the CFR, Israel and other Jewish and Zionist players, has been a “success”. Again, for them! Now, it is time for the west and the rest of the world to get in line and follow the new International Rules Based Order or whatever buzzword you prefer to use to describe it. Great Reset, One World Government, Multi-Polar World and so on are all apt and refer to the same thing.

The collapse of the west is sure to come and if you’re still walking around believing that it isn’t planned, you should probably sterilize yourself. You don’t need to be breeding and having kids. If you’re a person who thinks all that needs to be done to correct this is, “vote for the next guy”, you should kill yourself, now.

Prepare for food shortages. It’ll be used to promote synthetic alternatives and a radical agricultural transformation. If you haven’t started your kitchen gardens, you better!